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Journeyman III

RX590 Screen Resolution

My windows10, AMD Ryzen 7, RX590 based computer is not auto switching the screen resolution when a different monitor is plugged in.  It is also not recognizing a second monitor when I plug one in. Windows is not recognizing it in the screen resolution control panel app.

I took my system to a friend's house and used his 2560x1080 wide screen monitor for the day.  I gamed on it for the whole day and then went home.  When I got home I plugged my monitor in, which is not 2560x1080, and the screen was blank.  The monitor reported that the cord was unplugged, no video on the screen.

I have moved the video card to another slot in the system, plugged my system into another working monitor, replaced the cable including switching the computer from HDMI to DVI but still no video on my screen.

I suspect the screen resolution is not auto switching to my screen's native resolution like it should but I don't know.

also, no picture during the boot process for BIOS.

Any help would be appreciated.

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