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Journeyman III

(RX580) Random blackscreens while gaming

I have a (Radeon (TM)) RX580 with 8GB VRAM and a ryzen5 1400.

Since i reset my pc, a few month ago, i have some blackscreen issues. (could have been before too but i remember they first appeared after the reset) (i reset the pc because of all the junk and old software)
Mid game the screen turn black for a few seconds and then everything is normal again, game still runs while blackscreen. They don´t appear in a pattern they sometimes appear only a few seconds after another blackscreen or a few minutes after. (sorry i am not a native speaker)

I saw that multible people have the same issue and i tried undervolting which worked for like 15 days then the blackscreens appeared again. 

I changed RAM a while ago, but i don´t think it has something to do with that.

Examples for the games are PUBG, Apex Legends, CounterStrike: GO and RainbowSixSiege, they don´t appear while browsing only while playing games.

When i record there are not blackscreens in the recording.

I don´t have a warranty anymore but i saw that one got his exchanged and it solved the problem, didn´t find other solutions to solve the problem(, only undervolting).

It seems to be a hardware problem and not driver based.

Thank you for your help.

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