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RX580 no signal, but gets Power.

So a year ago i bought a MSI RX580 8GB. It worked fine at first, no problems at all. Then a few weeks later i turned on my pc and my screen was completly f****d up. Red, green and blue stripes everywhere with red, green and blue dots added over time. 

I uninstalled the drivers with DDU, installed them again and everything was fine - until i shutdown and boot up my pc again. same thing happens again. I thought rebooting it a few times might help and i did, kinda. sometimes it worked after 2 reboots, sometimes after 12 reboots. 

I took the card out and replaced it with my old MSI GTX960 2GB. Everything worked and works fine still to this day. I kinda forgot about my RX580 (sounds stupid i know) but today i tried to see if it will work now. Plugged it in and... nothing happens. No signal to the monitor, but the gpu fans were spinning. I tried both HDMI and Display ports aswell as the dvi port. My mouse and Keyboard didnt light up aswell. 

Note that i didnt change anything within my setup in that past year. The only thing changed was the GPU, which worked fine in the first few weeks. 

MoBo: ASRock Z97 Pro 4

CPU: Intel I5-4460

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB

PSU: Corsair CX600

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Sounds like your RX580 went bad. Try installing it in another compatible supported computer and see if the same thing occurs. If it does then most likely your GPU card is defective.

You can try installing a previous AMD Driver and see if it starts to work. If it doesn't then try the above suggestion: 

Could possibly also be your PSU is not giving out enough power to run the RX580 correctly since you have a 600 watt PSU and the minimum required for an RX580 in a computer system is 550 watt PSU.

Install a monitoring software that shows PSU outputs and make sure the 3.3/5.0/ and 12.0 volts all are within 5% tolerance under heavy loads. Use OCCT to test your PSU which has a PSU Stress test.

If still under Warranty try to RMA it.


I dont think its the PSU because I used the same PSU when the card worked just fine. 

I cant monitor what the PSU is givin out when the RX580 is installed, because the screen doesnt show anything and the keyboard and mouse arent working. 

As for the older Drivers, do i just install them whilst having my GTX960 in the system? wont that cause some sort of issues?

i will test it out in a friends rig tomorrow.

Unfortunately it is best to complete uninstall the Nvidia driver before installing the AMD Driver to avoid conflicts.

Use DDU in Safe mode with the Internet disconnected. Run DDU to uninstall both Nvidia and AMD Drivers. Once DDU unstalls both the Nvidia and AMD Drivers and boots back into the Windows Desktop, with the Internet still disconnected,

first deletes both C:\Nvidia and C:\AMD folders from the Root Directory.

Now install the AMD Driver again. Once it installs correctly, delete again C:\AMD folder in the Root Directory and reconnect the Internet and see if it help fix your problem. If it doesn't then I suggest try to install it in another supported Computer and see if it does the same thing. If it does, i would suggest to open a RMA with the Manufacturer of the GPU card. If not at least open a Warranty Ticket and see if they believe the GPU card needs to be RMAed.


Either i am missing something, or you are. I dont know.

There is no way for me to get into windows whilst having the RX580 installed in my system -> i cant install the AMD Drivers.

I know how to use DDU and all, i just want to know if i can install the AMD Drivers without having the RX580 installed into my system at all (using the GTX960 instead).


Sorry for the misunderstanding. The reason why I replied the way I did was because you mentioned about installing the AMD Drivers while still having Nvidia Drivers installed. So I presumed you still were able to get video from your RX580 using Windows MS Basic Display Adapter.

But now I understand what you meant. You want to install the AMD Drivers while still using the Nvidia GPU card.

In my opinion, If you are not even able to get video output from the RX580 even when MS Basic Display Adapter is being used due to no AMD Driver being installed. Then I wouldn't even bother installing the AMD Driver until you are able to get video output from the AMD GPU card.

I would just try to install the defective RX580 in another compatible computer without installing any AMD drivers and see if you get video output. If you get video output then I would install the AMD Driver to check out the RX580. But if you still don't get any video output from the RX580 in another computer, even with MS Basic Display Adapter running, than it is a pretty strong indication your GPU card is bad.

When you remove the Nvidia Driver and you reboot back into Windows you are seeing video because the Nvidia GPU card is using the Microsoft Basic Graphic driver from Windows.  The same is true with the AMD Driver. This then allows you to install the actual Nvidia Driver for your GPU card.

If you can't install the RX580 in another computer I would try to RMA the card if still under Warranty from the Manufacturer or Retailer. Depending where the Warranty is still active. Let them check the GPU card for you under Warranty to determine if it is defective.

NOTE: Not sure if you can install AMD Driver without a AMD GPU card installed. I believe the AMD Driver installation will stop and give you the error that it can't find any AMD GPU card. 


Decided to see what MSI Warranty has on your RX580. Seems to be a 3 year Warranty on new GPU cards: MSI USA 


yeah about the warranty thing... 

I'm living in Germany so it might or might not be completly different for me. 

If its 3 years warranty for me i will definitely try to RMA it. Thanks for your help.


Yes, Europe may have different Warranty policies than American Warranties.

From what I have read, In Europe you have a minimum 2 years Warranty. Some Manufacturers requires you to RMA your hardware from the vendor you purchased it from like Sapphire.

So you need to contact MSI in Germany to find out if it still has a 3 year Warranty in Europe and where to RMA the GPU card.

Good Luck!


Turns out i have 3 year warranty aswell. The card was manufactured in April of 2018 so i should be fine. i need to send it to the store where i bought it from and they will send it to MSI.

On a side note, i tried the card out in a friends rig, we got into the bios all fine but as soon we boot it up with a windows disk in his system = nothing happens. The bios didnt really detect the card either. 

I tried it out in my rig again and it "works". Well it outputs something, which is the familiar rgb stripes with dots on my screen. 

I just dont believe this card is working as it should so i will just RMA it.

Glad to hear MSI in Europe as the same Warranty as in the USA. 

When a GPU card starts showing RGB stripes or Dots as techies call it "Artifacts" generally indicates a defective GPU card unless it driver or possibly Overheating related. Since you had no driver installed means the GPU card is defective. It will eventually go dead if you continue to use it. 

Good idea to RMA it now before it is too late.

Take care.

Journeyman III

My Rx 580 stopped working a few days ago. The light next to the 8 pin power connect shined bright blue. There wasn't any signal or fan spin. Until I booted it up today where fan spun up for a brief moment before coming to a complete halt. I am quite confused. I thought the card was dead.