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Journeyman III

RX580 Fans spin up and don't come down when temperature drops

I built my PC 3 weeks ago and I've had this on every driver released since then. It's driving me nuts. Even with DDU and reinstalling from a clean install it still happens.

What will happen is my fans will suddenly start going nuts, something like 80% or something and then they will simply stay there. Even when the temperatures drop back down to 30 degrees they will just keep spinning away. I then have to go into Wattman and toggle the fan control from Auto to Manual (or vice versa, as it happens in both states) and hit the Apply button. Only then will they slow down.

Can you please look into this because it's been happening for the last 3 or 4 driver updates. Getting stuck at 80% fan speed is ridiculous.

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Journeyman III

So I've been playing around with my settings all day and I noticed that whenever this happens, the Radeon Overlay closes itself shortly after, almost like a crash (except I don't get any message about drivers crashing and my Wattman settings don't get reset).

On the new Fan controls, my target temp is 75 and my max is 85. Sometimes the fans just go up and then simply don't come down, even when I'm well below the target temp (68 degrees or so). I have to toggle from automatic and manual and back again before they come down and then they have no issue maintain the card's temps at 75 with slower fans. This is simply going to wear out the fans over time and reduce the lifespan of the GPU.

When is AMD going to start writing proper driver software? Really, I like AMD. I don't want to use Nvidia, but 3 weeks into a new PC build and I'm already sick of your poor driver support. None of my friends on Nvidia have similar issues and they are astounded when I tell them of the issues I'm having. On my last PC build I had an HD7850 and your drivers (Crimson at the time) were just as poor. There's just never a time when your drivers simply work without problems.

Sort your crap out. Hire proper people to write (and test!!!) your drivers. No wonder you're losing the GPU race. On the tech side you are so innovative and doing such amazing work, but you cannot have GPU support that is so poor for hardware worth 100s of dollars. Come on AMD. Do better.

Rant over.