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Journeyman III

RX580 failing with checkerboard artefacts - only in professional applications like adobe premiere


I have a strange issue with my Aorus RX 580 4GB. The driver/gpu fails (on different systems!) all the time when used in workflows like video editing - which makes using the computer nearly impossible. The failure looks like this: suddenly a checkerboard pattern appears on the whole screen and everything freezes except for the mouse pointer. In Windows the driver is reloaded and the card works for 1-2 minutes before failing again. On Mac the whole system reboots automatically.

This happened for the first time when i used the card in an eGPU enclosure with my Mac Mini 2019. So i thought the card might be defective, but since the whole card and the backplate get extremely hot, even shortly after cold start, i thought it would be a good idea to replace the thermal paste. Then i have been using the card in my new windows pc for gaming primarily and everything worked fine (for weeks!). Today i decided to do video editing on my windows machine and after 1.5 hours in premiere pro the issue came back. The checkerboard appeared on screen, wattman informed me about a driver failure and reloaded the driver. Again, the system worked for nearly 1 minute before crashing again. I was not able to exit this loop, even a reboot did not change anything. So i shut down the pc and left it.

Now, hours later, i am writing this post on the very same system with the same gpu. In parallel i am running a vram test to check for errors, none so far. I also did a 3D error test, no results. 

Does anyone of you have any idea what might be causing this behaviour? What can i look into next? I also cant believe that this issue is temperature related, since gaming for hours nonstop never cause this issue. (the fans have to work much harder when gaming!!) 


Thank you in advance for your tips!


Kind regards,


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