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Journeyman III

Rx580 dvi 2nd monitor not recognized

I just delidded my i7 6700K to reduce temps.

Worked fine, but on rebooting the Rx580 will no longer recognizes my Dell 1920x1080 monitor that is connected via dvi.

The main monitor is a Vast 3440x1440 connected via displayport.

Both monitors were working before removing the cpu to delid and apply liquid metal.

The integrated graphics on the CPU was disabled to see if that allowed the display to be recognized, but still no response from the monitor.

Any ideas on why the dvi port on the asus strix rx580 is no longer outputting a signal?

Asus z170 deluxe motherboard.

Thank you.

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I guess it is always possible a port goes bad, I have a HDMI port that quit on my R9 380x. Just definitely odd in this case. I think I would try some of the simple less thought of easy things first. I would load bios defaults on that motherboard and see what happens. If that changes nothing, remove and re-seat the video card then plug in just the DVI and see if it works by itself. This will help because if it works showing the bios part of the boot it removes Windows and drivers from being the issue. So if you then go into Windows and it doesn't work but you saw it working in the boot process, clean install the driver again. If none of that works, see if by change that card is working as it should in another computer. If it still isn't gotta think bad port. Hope that helps! Good Luck!


I don't have another computer with a dvi connector, nor an adapter hdmi to dvi.

Reset bios to system optimized default did not cause the monitor to be recognized. (Won't show the boot logo)

Wasn't able to try to re-seat the video card yet.

The card is a couple of months new. Overclocks to 1525 MHz clock and 2250 MHz memory for gaming and will easily handle day to day tasks at 1090 MHz and 2000 MHz memory. I find the WattMan configuration software easy to use.


If you are not even seeing a boot up then I'd bet on a bad card. I would contact the manufacturer for and RMA or return it where you bough it, if you still can for another.