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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

RX580 driver issues

my RX580 was recently swapped from one system to another and in trying to download all of its drivers and get going again I ran into a few issues, for one the 18.5.1 that is listed for the card wont complete its install. It will usually bug out and fail to install amd settings but otherwise works fine, but I would prefereably like to be able to use amd settings for several reasons other than screen capture. the other issue I have is when I try to use the 18.8.2 optional driver also listed for this card it installs fully and give me access to all of my settings and everything but creates huge stutters and dips even just sitting at the desktop moving the mouse around or watching youtube, I don't even want to discuss what happens to most games #slideshow. any advice?

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