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Journeyman III

RX580 constant crashes while playing games (eventid 4101), sometimes during normal use.

Long story short, I've had my RX580 for over a year now and (afaik) I've never been able to use it without any crashes. After trying out all pretty much all drivers there were, with little to no improvement, I started swapping out components. First the PSU which was 450W (recommended is 500W) for a 600W one, then an old i3-4130 for a more powerful i5-4670K. Swapping the cpu seemed to make a significant difference (yes, I know, rookie mistake to pair an rx580 with a cpu like that), so much so that other users of my pc recall a period in time that there were no crashes at all. Personally I do remember it working for multiple hours at a time in games like fortnite and then suddenly having the screen freeze, turn black, either require a hard reboot or turn back on after a couple of seconds with a crashed game and an error of some sort, but I don't remember having no crashes at all. Also notable is that the card ran very hot at around 80 C to sometimes even 88 C (which was fixed? after replacing the thermal paste, bringing the temp. down to around 70 C), as well as not being able to run Minecraft at a higher fps than 40-50 (which seemed to be quite common and was fixed with optifine).

GPU: AMD RX580 (8G GDDR5 OC) 1366Mhz (not overclocked)

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

Driver Version: Usually newest recommended (not optional) version which would be 19.9.2 in this case. 

Display: AOC G2460V 1920x1080 @60Hz HDMI to HDMI (no adapter, just cable)

Motherboard + BIOS: Gygabite ga-h81m-hd3 (rev. 1.0) BIOS version: f5 (tried f7, didn't work)

CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K (not overclocked)

Power Supply Unit: CoolerMaster GX-Lite 600W (model number: RS-600-ASAB-l3)

RAM: Kingston (HyperxFury) 8GB (2x4) DDR3 1600Mhz

As I said none of the drivers I tried seemed to solve the problem completely, neither did underclocking, nor did completely reinstalling windows, nor did increasing the value of TdrDelay in regedit, nor did uninstalling firefox. But one thing has been bugging me lately and that is the fact that I haven't found any drivers that will run games for more than 15 min. at a time while I know for sure that some did, as well as some saying it didn't crash at all during that time. Whenever it crashes now it freezes for a couple of seconds, then sometimes turns black and restarts the screen with an error. The error always present at the time of the crash in event viewer is error 4101: Amdkmdap Event ID 4101 driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

What makes me think that it is not a driver related issue though, is that when I tested my card in my friends system (he also has an RX580, not exact same but still RX580) and let windows install drivers by itsself (which didn't make a difference for me, it installed 19.9.2, the version that wasn't working for me), it seemed to work perfectly fine, doing things such as gaming for around 2 hours without any crashes or unusual stuff while at home it would crash as soon as soon as you would launch from the dropship in apex legends for eg. 

My friends pc has:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

Motherboard + BIOS: ASUS TUF B450M-Plus Gaming

CPU: Ryzen 2600 (not overclocked)

Power Supply Unit: Corsair 650W model I believe

RAM: 16GB 2x8 DDR4

I was thinking that if I swap my mobo and cpu for the same as his it should solve the problem, but i'm not 100% sure as the ryzen 5 2600 is - apart from having 2 more cores and 3 times the threads - only around 10% faster than my 4670K. 

Any of you guys know if this or something else would solve my problem? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance guys.


Edit 11/11/2019:

Just for the sake of it tried increasing the global wattman power limit to +50% to see if it helped, still crashed after a few mins. of gaming but got another error (eventid 4109) on top of the one I get usually (eventid 4101). Screenshots included. Currently on 19.9.2, tried 19.2.2 and same problem of instant crashing. (game freezes --> screen freezes --> screen turns black --> screen loses signal ~15 seconds after turning black).

Edit 15/11/2019:

I thought I found a fix for my problem a couple of days ago when I reduced my gpu's core clock from 1366 MHz to 1000MHz and was able to game for almost 2 hours without any crashes (2-3 stutters, no crashing). Unfortunately my screen started freezing and crashing (screen freezes, turns black, turns back on) right away just after I turned on my pc and was on the lock screen and kept on crashing randomly every 15-30 sec or so while I was just loading up normal programs like my browser etc. Gaming wasn't possible of course, even after reducing the core clock to 1000MHz it kept crashing. Anyone any idea why this happens even though there weren't any changes present in the system (afaik)? Since then it's been crashing randomly every now and then and no matter what I do (reduce core clock to 1000 or even lower) gaming is just impossible, I'm lucky if the game even loads without crashing or getting some sort of error and when it loads it crashes (games freezes, complete screen freezes, turns black, screen restarts and game has crashed showing an error) after 2-3 mins of playing (usually while 'dropping' from the ship or earlier). I've also been getting a few bluescreens now and then (check pictures) while/after a crash happened. The error 4109 (in eventviewer) doesn't seem to show up anymore druing the time of a crash, just a double 4101 error that both say "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." (see picture). I don't know if it's related to the problem but I've gotten lots of DistributedCOM errors appearing in eventviewer (either eventid 10015 or 10016), most of them random, some of them at the time of a crash. I'll leave screenshot of errors i get after crashes down below. Again, any help is appreciated (keep in mind that my card seems to work fine in my friends system which has similar specs).

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The Error BSOD - Reference to Pointer seems to be a driver issue.

This tech site gives several tips on how to fix BSOD -Unexpected_Kernel_Mode_Trap: Full Fix: UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE_TRAP error in Windows 10 

1- Run SFC /scannow in a elevated Command Prompt or Powershell. If you have errors that can't be fixed use the DISM command from above link. Afterwards run SFC /scannow again to see if it comes back without any errors.

2- Make sure all of your Intel Drivers are the latest especially your Intel graphics driver if applicable. Use Intel own Driver Updater called Intel Driver & Support Assistant to update all of your Motherboard and hardware Intel drivers.

3- Windows must be completely updated to the latest using Windows Update. AMD Driver depends on Windows having the latest updates installed.

4- Run MEMTEST86 for two or three passes. It should come back without any errors (Zero errors).

5- Run CHKDSK to rule out any bad sectors or hard drive issues as per above link.

6- Use a monitoring software to make sure nothing is overheating (CPU or GPU).

7- Install previous AMD Driver to see if any changes occurs as per below instructions.

Note: don't download or use the website's recommended software. But the troubleshooting tips are valid.

EDIT: to eliminate corrupted AMD Driver installation, Delete the folder in the Root Directory if created C:\AMD. Download and run DDU (Display Driver Unistaller) in Safe mode with the internet disconnected.  After DDU finishes and reboots back to the Windows Desktop, with the internet disconnected, install the AMD Driver again. If successful, again delete C:\AMD and connect the internet again. See if it helps with the crashes. 

If not try installing a previous AMD Driver from here: 

Journeyman III

hey, im trying to solve this problem here, i reduced crashes 98%, until the moment, Solución "El controlador de pantalla dejó de funcionar y - Microsoft Community 

All help is welcome.

Engipi Tech Support.