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Journeyman III

RX580 8GB, GPU Usage and one 3DMark Problem.

Last week I bought a new Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 SPECIAL EDITION but I am getting irregular GPU Usage monitoring with AMD ReLive and GPU-Z and a Graphic Problem using 3D MARK "Night Raid" benchmark

--My PC Specs--

Intel i7 6700

GA H170M- D3H

2X 8 GB of Fury HyperX (2133 MHZ) Sticks

Nitro+ RX 580 SE 8GB VRAM

CM Masterwatt 550W 80+ Bronze

and I play in a 1366x768 resoultion.

For the GPU Usage error from what I could search, it could be because of a driver problem, some users said that after driver "17.4.4" that problem started (but that was an 2017 driver), I´ve installed the

latest drivers  ("18.9.3", "18.11.2" and "") even the new Adrenalin 2019 edition ("18.12.2") and still the irregular GPU usage persists, some threads suggest to add 10% or 20% to the Power Limit, or even uninstall the drivers and let Windows download them, but the load monitoring still is irregular and with 3D Mark I keep getting these image flickering problems only with the new "Night Raid" benchmark, but I did have some other quick graphic problems (more about that in a moment).

Since then I have tested the card in my brothers PC which has an Ryzen 7 2700 , and there was no graphic problem with the3DMARK benchmark, then I tested his GTX1080 in my PC thinking the PCIe slot of my MOBO was the problem (although my previous GPU didn´t have any problem with the PCIe slot) and nothing the GTX1080 didn´t have any image error or irregular GPU usage.

The 580 was sagging a bit so I bought the Universal VGA Holder from CM and because it has little magnets in the base I thought that was the problem, but sadly it wasn't , I tested the video card with and and without the holder and still the problem persist, and I even lay down the PC so the RX580 settle correctly in the PCIe and nothing.

Also the Card stock Clock is 1430MHz, if I use the Sapphire TriXX software and use the "Power" settings the Clock went up to 1444MHz (the "Stealth" setting is the stock Clock) but it crashed the GPU, filling my display with purple squares, and when I use MSI Afterburner (having TriXX uninstalled) for doing the overclocking I had issues with Battlefield 1 causing in one instance for the image to be like Infrared Vision (sadly I couldn't take a picture) since then I reset to the stock Clock. and sometimes it Rumbles a bit for half a second.

I do all of these tests because for the warranty to work I have to send back the graphics card back with my own money to the US because Sapphire doesn't have a Mexico base office and funny enough they don't have "Mexico" in their Select Country tab for creating a Ticket with their Support Team =(.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. The CPU usage is always at 25% to 50%.