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Adept I

RX5700 stuttering and laggy has never worked correctly.

Constantly updating software and jumps from working ok to working poorly

definitely not worth 600 us dollars i paid for it. Its not worth half of that.

I was considering buying an AMD processor also. If they are of the same quality

i would stay away from that. If anyone else has had these issues and resolved

them let me know please, considering throwing this out if it cant be fixed.

Back To NVIDIA. very sad about this purchase and very disappointed in AMD.

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Adept II

I don't disagree with you that the Navi cards have some issues... but there's not much chance of getting help sorting some of the issues if the post is formatted as "Card Bad, No Work Right."

System info, what you've tried, what you're playing, etc or we can't really help.

Adept I

Thanks for responding I have been on support 

many times with issues, i have tried a bunch of different settings 

reinstall windows re seating card, memory , ran  driver uninstall utility in safe mode.

also added an ssd thinking hd was

causing a bottleneck.

i will attach a Dxdiag for you to see.

Sorry if i seemed short I"m just very disappointed  getting poor frame rates in bf5 and most of my on line games 

stutter and lag Even with low latency.

tried tons of settings changes til im blue.

Any advice would be grateful I just feel like i bought the most

expensive lemon and got no juice.


Some quick thoughts (sorry at work)
-have you tried using radeon chill to set a frame limit/max that's pretty close together? That can help with stutters. 
-try raising the (minimum) voltage a little

-Is the problem immediate in BF5, or does it progressively get worse? I think BF has/had a memory leak issue.


Thanks for the response ill give this a try.


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