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RX5700 drivers randomly/constantly crashing, multiple os reinstalls, multiple drivers reinstalls, already tried reseating the card, HELP!

It is a 2 month old card from Germany and in the past month I have been having very troubling issues that I cannot seem to fix. I bought the card when I was in Germany for a funeral and I still have all the original boxes and receipt. I would rather not take it back since it would mean driving 600km to Germany. Specifically the issue is very weird. When it comes to video playback it will work fine until I tab out or open another program on my secondary monitor if I do that there is a 90% chance it will just black screen and freeze so I have to reset it through the reset button. And when it comes to games if I play Forza for a few hours and exit it then go play League it will crash. And if I quickly search through youtube like clicking a few links at once it will also crash. It is very annoying because I work from home and it keeps crashing because I listen to music in the background on Youtube.

Full Specs:

i5 9600k @ 4,9ghz

Z370P-D3 mobo

2x8GB ram @ 2666mhz

Sapphire RX5700

620W cooler master 80+ bronze PSU

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Journeyman III

You cpu is overclocked so try setting to default and test gpu only. Having crashes in youtube and desktop is more likely a cpu issue rather than the gpu I reckon.

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