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Adept I

RX5700 and HDMI sound problem

Ryzen 5 2600x 

msi b450 tomahawk latest bios

kingston predator 3200 cl  16-18-18-36

Windows 10 up to date. 

I connect VGA to AVR via HDMI.

The problem is the sound from RX5700 is not smooth. It often jerky or sometime, the sound disappear.  I need to mute it from taskbar and open again then the sound will come back. But the problem will happen again and again.   

Updated driver cannot solve this problem. 

And my old RX580X do not have this problem. 

Any advice please? 

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Adept II

im long done with this and not so much in a ideal way iv fixed the issue by buying logitech z906 and connected it to the motherboard via optical cable. on a plus side i have great audio and bass now but my wallet is £150 down.

Journeyman III


hello, guys again. ı disable PBO on bios and nothing change really. By the way, sometimes ı run CPU eco mode which means SMT close and Freq. always 3.6 GHz even that config GPU and AVR do not communicate properly ı guess. I also think that this is a GPU problem. ı see some problems earlier RX models also. I don't have any hope to solution but still waiting next updates  I am on Radeon Software Version 19.11.3 right now.


Install 19.12.1 and Push desktop resolution up to  3840 X 2160.

One of the fixes for 19.12.1

Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products may experience stutter in some games at 1080p and low game settings.

Note that I'm using media home player cinema 1.8.8 and basing result on media file playback not gaming.

It's important to list mobo and Agesa version your on.

Asus b450 Itx on firmware 2901 using Agesa

Graphics card is powercolor Rx 5700 reference design.

Case node 202. I have 2 slim noctua fans blowing the card off in case. :O)

One fan connected to aio pump header on mobo select Pwm and set percent power rating to stop it running full speed on mobo.

Running Windows 10 64 bit home. 

Media playing from sata 3 drive via esata and nvme card had issues. No longer have this.


Another interesting thing I just ran into with my new computer.  I have to disable PCIE4 and set it to PCIE3 manually in the bios on my 300$ 570X Asus ROG motherboard with latest bios or the GPU crashes when it comes out of sleep and hard resets the entire computer. However I loose HDMI 2.1 VRR with this.  If I however use a DisplayPort to HDMI converter it doesn't crash but will have instabilities then correct itself after a couple seconds. AMD really really needs to take some time and look at these stability issues over adding any new features at this point. Maybe they can hire another AAA engineer to look into some of this with all the money they're making off the CPU market... otherwise they're going to start loosing money fast in the GPU space.


"Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products may experience stutter in some games at 1080p and low game settings"

-- I can pretty much confirm this to some extent with Overwatch.  So I have a new 2019 OLED C9 LG TV that supports HDMI 2.1 VRR and 120 FPS etc.  In Overwatch when the game runs at 120fps I get NO AUDIO DROPS... HOWEVER... if its running at 60 fps it drops constantly. Max settings in the game running at 1080p.

Journeyman III

I have the same issue with sound, Samsung TV and Onkyo AV receiver.. with all games and playing music via Kodi. It's ok, when playing movies, but it's crashes if you choose DTS-HD 7.1.. Previous graphic card was nvidia 1060 (without any problems) and it's my first experience with AMD cards)))

Journeyman III

Hi, guys ı have updates and news. There is something happen on my system and its promising. 

I notice after daveydguk‌ entry. ı update my bios to Update AMD AGESA Combo-AM4 Patch B. 

by the way, ı am using the ASRock b450 fatality gaming ITX board. after the update, my bios ı disable PBO and set XMP to 3000 Mhz which my ram profile fit in. after that upgrade Ryzen master and set all cores to 4.2 GHz flat and decrease Core Voltage to 1.3125. 

when ı was tried to listen to music on old bios and PBO enable sound drops very frequently. But right now ı listen ben böhmer's new set without and drops. ı don't know which one change the old situation and solve my problem but you can try also and update for other AMD user which they are trying to use their machine as an HTPC. ı hope after AGESA patch everybody can listen to music in 192 kHz without any drops. I will wait for all replies from you and identify what is the problem in your system.

Journeyman III

Having the same issue. There's some weird crackling noise coming out of my speakers. Graphics card is idle, just a youtube video playing. (in Chrome)

With Kodi on a Raspberry Pi and the same HDMI cable there're no issues at all. Headphones and external audio interface are working without any issues as well. It has to be the graphics card. 

I'm using a "PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 5700 XT"

With the AMD R9 290 there were no crackling noises. I'm just catching up on all the posts. Is there any solution yet? Is the problem known to AMD? Should I submit a ticket?


Edit: Well, I just submitted a ticket. If more people are doing this, chances are better that AMD fixes the problem, I guess...

Adept III

Did anyone try the 2020 Adrenalin?

Reading the new features almost got me excited, problem is, this is AMD software so it most likely won't work as intended for a very long time lol

Anyway, this issue is not yet even listed as a known issue...


I did, these new drivers did nothing to remedy the problems..

AMD hasn't even acknowledged that there is a problem to begin with. Its not even stated in there release notes txt 

There has been a couple people on here that have said that using any other card besides the 5700xt works, But i cant even get my old 580 to work properly with my Denon receiver.

Whats the point in spending thousands of dollars on a high end home theater  just to have one tiny component ruining everything 


As someone has stated already  SELL your 5700xt and go Nvidia if you have a serious home theater setup with an expensive 4k TV....

anyways I gave up a while ago and purchased  a 2070 super, I'm never going back to AMD EVER again. 


thank you


For me I want AMD because AMD supports VRR over HDMI 2.1 spec. Nvidia does not.

Nvidia also has HDR issues on OLED LG TVs. AMD does not.  Nvidia GeForce experience is a joke and I hate it utterly.

Everything about the RX 5700 XT has been awesome besides two major driver bugs HDMI audio and PCIE4 doesn't work after computer sleep. Nvidia doesn't even support PCIE4 anyway and it doesn't matter much for most games. For audio I'm currently using a optical switcher which is working for now BUT it does suck not being able to use internal TV speakers.

2070 supers are 100$ more and aren't any faster... but yes AMD needs to fix their dam drivers.

Journeyman III

Installed the 2020 Adrenalin drivers yesterday. My issue was crackling audio over my 5.1 speakers. My 5700 XT is connected via HDMI to my AV Receiver. Today I've been listening to music over my speakers for 5 hours at least and there was no a single crack to be heard. So far it's working for me. On the other hand...RDR2 is crashing like every 20 minutes now.

I would say you should give it a try. I didn't have the problem with the audio cutting off completely though. 


I tested the 2020 Adrenalin drivers but didn't help me.

Same crackling sounds.


Alright, just to be sure. Here all the details, maybe you can spot a difference on your system:

PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT (AXRX 5700XT 8GBD6-3DHE/OC)

Connected to Yamaha RX-v477 with HDMI (1.28 Firmware)

OS: Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.535)

And of course Adrenalin 2020. AMD Audio Driver Version is Hasn't changed with the new update if I see that correctly.

Maybe I was just lucky today. I don't know. Haven't changed anything in BIOS or somewhere else.



Have you tried playing a movie with a 5.1/7.1 soundtrack encoded with DTS_HD/Atmos or DTS-MA

the audio cutouts/skippiing ect usually happens when the drivers are sending out these high bandwidth formats into your A/V unit  

the audio works fine when playing music or watching a youtube video( as these don't include the audio tracks iv stated above, most of the time its just stereo) 



Hi friend. Yes. Played HD digital tracks on 5.1. everything setup for 5.1 not 7.1. don't have Atmos speakers. Watching film with 8ch Atmos encode though.

Adept I

I have the exactly same issues with my RX5700.

My previous card was from NVIDIA and didn't have issues in years. I can't believe that AMD doesn't care about this issue and no one is answering anything.

I'm not sure thou should i send this back to where i brought it because if they don't see issues here, i need to pay like 40 euros to get the card back.

Damn i'm angry, my other option for GPU was RTX 2080 super but it was little bit too expensive. But i'm pretty sure that  iwouldn't have any issues with that.


Adept II

I'm using new driver 2020 and no drop outs at all.

Very hard to trace why ?

Adept II

So I've just noticed the new AMD Radeon Software allows you to set a minimum clock frequency on the GPU.  I don't have time to try it right now but if my theories are correct, if we set this high enough it might well solve our issues!

Adept I

Here's my full specs:

GPU: Powercolor Radeon RX 5700 Red Dragon OC (AXRX-5700-8GBD6-3DHR/OC)

AV: Denon AVR-X1400H -7.2

Windows 10 pro (Ver 1903, build 18362.476)

I haven't change anything in BIOS. Tried Youtube, Tidal, Spotify. Always crackling sound. I have now installed Adrenalin 2020 drivers but no help.

I also found out that with these new 2020 drivers you are able to change the minimum clock frequency. I'm a little but afraid to change these settings because maybe it might damage the GPU? But this might be solution! Please advice how to change the frequency settings!

Adept III

I tried out the 2020 version and oh boy now I even have video dropouts!

Was playing AoE DE and video cuts with no signal over DP, you can still hear the sound (connected to mobo) so it's still on and working but I have to hard reset the machine for it to be back. This happened twice, so I changed the game.

Switched to Metro 2033 redux, get randomly exited out of the game and back to the desktop, no crash, no error just like I manually exit the app.

Decided to call it a day, machine hanged on the shutdown screen, this had never happened to me...

Thanks AMD <3

I barely have 1.5 hours a day to play and you make sure I have the most out of it!

In any case, full disclosure I did an update of drivers and reboot, not a "fresh install" but I am surely gonna revert to an older version.

Adept II


I have similar issues with Dead Cells(one of my favorite games on steam) The new drivers simply make the game unplayable So i reverted back to 19.12.1

BTW  before i uninstalled the 19.12.2 drivers I created a custom profile to keep my videocard at a higher clock(The default is 300 mhz) and that did jack @@it for audio still have the same issues as everyone else

lets face the cold hard truth. Until AMD updates the HDMI audio driver to something more then

nothing will change 

Their subreddit is on fire after this release. There are bugs for everyone

Adept I

I just made a service ticket about this issue. Anyway i think that i need to return this GPU and change it to NVIDIA.


-- Observation #1--

Maybe this might help narrow down why this issue its happening. 


GPU: 5700 XT Reference @ Stock

CPU: 3700X @ Stock


1) Audio drops in and out when I play 1080p H264 CODEC.

2) When I play Youtube videos it plays for 2s then it drops for 1s at the beginning of every video. 

3) If I put more load on Media Engine then the drops of Audio stops.

Example: 1080p H264 + Youtube 4K.

I would really be interested in why this is happening. Probably some aggressive power-saving feature misbehaving.

Adept I

I got instructions from AMD about how to solve this issue. I did all what they instructed and most of the crakling sounds are gone. I have now listened maybe 30 minutes of music and noticed 2 times short crackling. So problem is not solved completely yet but at least for me, this is much better now.

Here's what AMD wrote:

"In order to properly debug the issue, I would require some additional details about your system and let me know the following:

Please make sure to update the OS to latest version.

Have you done the clean installation of the driver?

This issue could cause due to multiple reason like driver files conflicts etc and if you have not done the clean installation of the driver. I request you to give a try by performing clean installation of latest 19.12.2 driver by using the AMD Cleanup utility and check the issue status. 

I suggest you to please disable the windows auto update in the "Show and hide" tool

To be on the safer side, I request you to please create System Restore point before performing any troubleshooting steps.

Step 1 – Please use AMD Cleanup utility ( ). It will help you completely uninstall AMD graphics card drivers and packages from your system, without leaving leftovers behind.

Step 2 – please install 19.12.2 drivers by clicking this below link. Please disconnect the network connection and disable antivirus after downloading the installer file.  

Step 3 – Then use the latest driver and select "factory reset" in Radeon setting for more details please visit 



I was celebrating too quickly. Same issues started shortly after i posted that previous post.


This is not going to be resolved by a random email from support. Its a driver bug and needs a software engineer to be looking at it.  Bug reports are the only thing that matters. Point support people to this thread if they don't understand.


Whatever you do don't install the 2020 edition driver xD

Trust me, it rendered my machine useless


@boltsi  -  No disrespect make, but I think you may be a little lost with you specific issue. Crackling sounds do very much sound like it's annoying, but I don't see you having any audio drops/cuts or anything of the sort.

Are you sure you are in the right thread with your current issue ?

I'm was glad to see that you r problem was sorted though, and then I was sad to see that it was not, on your behalf.

@zezba9000  - Completely agree.. Troubleshooting this with current drivers will do nothing. It's broken no matter which drivers are used for RX5700-series. It has been a while since my last ticked. I'll open a new one now for the 5'th time and refer them to this thread again.

@vmota  - Jub, I found that out the hard way too.. I installed it and omg what a cluster F ….  the audio drop issue in 19.12.2 (?) is just SO many more times worse then 19.12.1.

Completely unusable!

Sometimes, with 19.12.1, I can void most audio drops over HDMI if I boot op Heaven Benchmark, move it to the HDMI screen and let it SUCK power to keep the GFX goin some something to the sort.

With 19.12.2, even if I pump 150-180w of power over HDMI, audio still drops like CRAZY and there's is no way around it.

I even had some new issues with my main monitor when playing games with 19.12.2 where key strokes would not respond. Then, after some time. It starts all of the sudden to register all keystrokes in the exact order I pressed them in, very rapidly. I've never seen that before.

Killed 19.12.2 and installed 19.12.1 and I can now play games again.

@AMD Dudes… This is bad, really really bad. AMD dudes, you have a bad reputation for having bad drivers even though Ngreedia's isn't actually much better, they have loads of bad crap going on with their drivers too, but for some wierd reason you just always get more flack for it. THIS isn't helping your driver reputation AT ALL !!

Please for gods sake take notice at least !!

No disrespect taken

I'm on the right thread for sure. I was just too excited that i actually got this fixed but crackling sounds keeps still coming and ruins everything.

I think that i will give up and return the card. I can't believe that my 5 years old NVIDIA works perfectly with the same setup. Like someone has said here: "Good bye AMD, hello NVIDIA again."


Pardon my curiosity.

Those cracking sounds you have, are they also HDMI related? Can you describe exactly what they are?

Most of the rest of us here are having the audio drop out issue, not "cracking" sounds.


With crackling audio i mean that audio randomly cracks. It sounds like a spark or similar. It started when i changed GPU to RX5700. It's very random and usually takes like 10 minutes before it starts. But after it starts, it usually keeps going more and more. But yes, i don't have those long dropouts like in video posted by omegasupreme, only shorter cracklings.

Anyway i think it'a related to the same driver issue. I can try to take a video of crackling so you will get what i mean. Many users here also were talking about crackling sound so i thought that it is the correct term for the issue what i have. English is not my native language so i don't know all the terms correctly.


ah okay. Understood. I have no idea if the 2 issues are related or not. Are you using a dual monitor setup too, and 2'nd monitor running HDMI ?

Yeah, I'll have to make a few videos too, showing how bad the audio drop out is with my setup and then I can also show you how massively broken the 2020 edition drivers are.

And here I was thinking it was bad with the pre-2020 edition drivers, boy was I wrong ..

I'm at work now, but I'll get cracking at those mad cam skills when I get home.


Ps. I'm not English either mate. We can excel at all the terms together.. ! haha


HDMI goes from GPU to  AV-receiver and AVR is connceted to TV with HDMI. TV is used when watching movies/youtube and when listening music. Main display (for playing) is connected with DP to GPU.

I also tried connect GPU to AVR with DP to HDMI adapter from DP port but same crackling.

Audio from MOB output (for headphones) works flawlessly. 

Yep at work too but i will shoot a video in the evening.

Journeyman III

Just adding my own experience to the pile:

My RX 5700 has the same sound dropping issue as many describe, specifically in less taxing scenarios.

Interestingly it has no Problems playing audio over the crappy speakers in my monitor or if i connect it directly to my AVR (which can't do 4K 60hz so not an option) but no matter what cable I use or which driver is installed, it will not play nice with my LG TV.

My previous GPU had no issues with this setup, neither does my apple tv have any issues displaying hdr 4K 60hz on it OR ANY OTHER DEVICE I HAVE EVER CONNECTED TO THIS TV.

I've contacted AMD support but they didn't really accept that this is 100% on the GPU or it's drivers even after I had ruled out any other possibility with them. So that was a massive waste of time since AMD seems hellbent on ignoring this problem. They don't even acknowledge the existence of this thread in their very own forums, no matter how many times I have pointed to it in my conversation with them.

This is why I have no faith at all that this will ever get fixed.

So at this point i hope i can still return this card and get my money back and as much as is dislike them but nvidia seems to be the only option in my case...


Soooo….. I opened a new ticked with their support, like I said I would and I got the "standard" reply back …. update to latest driver bla bla bla …

AMD wrote me this:

Thank you for your Email:

I verified the DxDiag report and found you are using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit  OS and Radeon RX 5700 XT Graphics card.

I found you are using two monitors and one is connected with Display port and 1 connected with HDMI port. I suggest you please swap the connection to two monitors like HDMI-->Display port and Display port --> HDMI.

Also I found you are using older version of windows OS please update to the latest version of windows OS.

Now I suggest latest driver for your graphics card, please do the following steps.

This issue could cause due to multiple reason like driver files conflicts etc and if you have not done the clean installation of the driver. I request you to give a try by performing clean installation of latest 19.12.1 driver by using the AMD Cleanup utility and check the issue status. 

I suggest you to please disable the windows auto update in the "Show and hide" tool

To be on the safer side, I request you to please create System Restore point before performing any troubleshooting steps.

Step 3 – Then use the latest driver and select "factory reset" in Radeon setting for more details please visit

If issue still persist please disable the Realtek audio device and check the outcome.

Thank you for contacting AMD.

In order to update this service request, please respond without deleting or modifying the service request reference number in the email subject or in the email correspondence below.

Please Note: This service request will automatically close if we do not receive a response within 10 days and cannot be reopened.

If it is not feasible to respond within 10 days, feel free to open a new service request and reference this ticket for continued support.

Best regards,

And this is my reply to that:

Thank you for your ”standard” customer do-this, do-that, e-mail.

I apologize, but you are not listening to me.


You need to go read that thread !


All the information you just told me that I’m using is all in that thread too.

Me and so many others.

Read the thread.


This is NOT a problem that can be solved by troubleshooting.

Read the thread.


Soo much troubleshooting has been done by me and so many more people, without any luck.

Read the thread.


I have re-installed my driver SO many time and I’ve used driver cleaner and I’ve used older drivers I’ve used new drivers I’ve use combinations of drivers.

All to no avail.

Read the thread.


No, my Windows OS version is not the issue. My RX580 work with an older driver on the same operating system as many others have pointed out too.

Someone else even assumed I was running the newest version of Windows and suggested that I downgraded. You do see the dilemma, right? Newest version = wrong. Older version = wrong. We can’t do anything right.


Even so. Many other user in that thread are using the latest version of Windows 10 and still have the same fault. What you should do is thank me for NOT upgrading, that way I just confirmed for you that the latest version of Windows is not the cause of the issue either.

Read the thread.


Yes, my driver version is not the latest driver. Using 19.12.2 or 19.12.3 does not fix the issue, I’ve tried every single driver that supports RX5700-series graphics cards. I cannot use later drivers then 19.12.1

Read the thread.


I cannot swap my HDMI and DisplayPort cables, as my HDMI monitor does not have a display port input.

Other users have reported buying and using a DPàHDMI converter in the Graphics card to rule out any possible faults with the HDMI port specifically. No result. Same issue.

Read the thread.


Please read the thread.

I’m curious. Does any AMD employed ever read, go to or provide answers on your own Forums ?

How can an 11 page thread go completely unnoticed ?

Please for gods sake, read the thread!




Hey all..So i finally decided to upload a video of the issues most of us are having.

keep in mind the videocard is a 580 and NOT the 5700xt, however the issues are the same as the 5700xt 

1)Audio dropouts and crackling
 if you keep your eyes on the display you can actually see when the buffer is overloaded and the display on my denon receiver starts changing 

specs running hdmi from the videocard to the A/V receiver, receiver to Samsung Q80 
7.1 surround sound, audio set to DTS HD running a 4k trailer for the new start wars film 

I gave up awhile ago and purchased a 2070 Super which honesty is way overpriced, but i have ZERO audio and video issues.... 

AMD I hope your reading ........

ahahah I laughed a lot xD

I feel bad tho for the person that has to sit through support giving these standard replies to everyone. Pretty sure they are aware of the thread and that their replies get nowhere but someone from engineering, whom they have to escalate this to, is telling them to bugger off. They have to work on "important stuff".

Unfortunately, this issue has not reached sufficient impact in terms of bad PR, reviews etc for them to actually take action.

Maybe this issue and thread should be posted to AMD social media pages? AMD Facebook page have almost 3 million followers. There might be lot's of more people with the same issue and if getting conversation going on there, it will be visible for all followers and also easier to be found by some review site or similar. And maybe even AMD might notice that?