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Adept I

RX5700 and HDMI sound problem

Ryzen 5 2600x 

msi b450 tomahawk latest bios

kingston predator 3200 cl  16-18-18-36

Windows 10 up to date. 

I connect VGA to AVR via HDMI.

The problem is the sound from RX5700 is not smooth. It often jerky or sometime, the sound disappear.  I need to mute it from taskbar and open again then the sound will come back. But the problem will happen again and again.   

Updated driver cannot solve this problem. 

And my old RX580X do not have this problem. 

Any advice please? 

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Journeyman III

Guys ı have an update for you. My problem still continues but something different now. I make Undervolt my card. currently, its working 1950 Mhz frequency and 987 mV voltage and Sound glitches decrease. I don't know it's a coincidence but when I left a card with stock config every 1-2 min sound gone and back again. with UV sound disappear ever 5-6 min and come back. I don't think it is related to frequency or voltage but that's the situation. I have a ticket for it and support say try to the older driver but I don't think that solves my problem.


Support say to try an older driver.. ?

hmm.. Yeah OK - Given the history if this, soon to be, 9 page thread, I have to admit that a reply like that annoys me more then just a little, to be honest.

Ahahahahahahha, this really made my day tbh . it cannot be more obvious that the support likes to spit into someones face, there are probably a ton of complaints and tickets so the only way to respond is "we are working on a fix" and nothing else, i mean, if u look at the whole 9site discussion it should be obvious by now.

I dont know where you're from, but isnt there some way to get your money back and return your card, even by laywer?


Support is an embarrassment. At this point, they are replying so that people don't complain that AMD does not even reply to their customers. They know this issue is present since the very first driver they released for this card, just look at the date of the thread. We tried every single driver they posted since, with clean installs, with some recent drivers making issues worse, and now they tell you to try older drivers? It is downright disrespectful, at the very least they should admit that fixing this is not their priority. Let's face it, many high profile games are coming out they are busy improving performance on those cause benchmarks sell cards. Paid cards are paid for lol so yeah let's go try older drivers we have nothing better to do with our time...

Check your country law, you have a defective product that you paid for, asked for support and that has been denied to you. Even past the return period, you ought to be protected against this. Unfortunately, they will keep on doing this until someone slaps them with a lawsuit. 


support recommended this driver. 

I suggest you to please give a try to the older 19.7.5 driver and check the issue status.

Journeyman III

I have same problem with RX5700 too.

This is my first AMD GPU and it is a disaster.

Plz fix this AMD.

Adept II

WOW looks like they may do something at last......Screenshot (35).png


I am sorry to say you but this driver does not solve problems at all. I am using that one currently. I just try to play some elder scrolls online whenever characters start to speak sound disappear entirely. But ambient sound perfect

Journeyman III

Hi, i also have more or less the same problem!

I bought new pc with asus 5700 xt strix, graphic card work well except sound through hdmi/display port (same problem). The sound is stuttering just like video in previous post of "nin" I plugged pc to avr to projector all connected with hdmi cable! My problem appears when watching netflix or movie on  5.1 system, when i watch youtube witch is on stereo the sound is ok! I tried different drivers, switch pcie to gen 3, dp to hdmi adapter and problem is the same! I had a laptop before lenovo y 520 with gtx 1060 with the same connection and i had no problem! Sorry for my english!


Return it, get a pc with an RTX instead.

Adept I

When playing movies with 5.1 dolby sound I get sound disappearing every 30 sec or so. If I disable pass through the sound breaks become less annoying and occur every 2-3 minutes. I have GTX 1070 card and have NO problems with the same setup with it. Tried DDU and all the solutions in the internet.

So, I had a lengthy conversation with support and this is what they written to me:

We always recommend using the native connection to the output devices also we cannot comment on the performance if the receiver was connected directly to graphics card Also, we do not have any troubleshooting steps for this setup.

And a second one:

We apologies for any inconvenience, I have been to this entire email thread and see that as our agent mentioned before AMD recommend only the native connection and we cannot comment on the performance if it was connected by any third-party device like receivers. As we can see here the issue is hand shaking between the GPU and the Receiver. AMD does not intend to validate 3rd party vendors that may still decide to support this in their Receiver.  You must workout with them directly for any workarounds.

The problem is not the receiver since my GTX 1070 works perfectly fine with the same setup.
5700XT loses sound only in Dolby mode. This problem has been for several years already starting with my RX 470 2 years ago, I had to rollback to some 17.x driver at the time to have proper sound.
Anyway, I have already sold the 5700xt, bought RTX 2070 and it has 0(!) problems.
I'm now done with Radeons

With all due respect to the supporters, my experience is they seem have very little technical knowledge about any of this and they provide half answers to valid questions and problems..

It is just too easy to say: "Well, try a different TV" or  "It is the Receiver that is the problem".

I have no idea how to get through to these guys.

They must have all sorts of hardware at their support and testing locations. Of course they have multi-monitor setups and receivers and what not. I'd be surpriced if they didn't.

But getting them to get off their chairs and actually test this.... They would be able to confirm this within 15 minutes, at most.

I mean, how many people have now posted in this thread alone and how many more has the same damn problem but sit quietly waiting for a solution.

Add all of us up and I'm just baffled how AMD can care as little as they do.

@vvt - I feel you and I really cannot blame you for goin for another brand.

A few questions if you dont mind.

You say you have sound disappearing every 30 secs, for how long ? 0,5 sec or longer ?

Then if you disable pass-through, how long will sound disappear for, every 2-3 min ?

Also, what is a "navite connection"? NOT a receiver, or ... ?

I don't see the difference really...


>You say you have sound disappearing every 30 secs, for how long ? 0,5 sec or longer ?

The sound disappears for 1-2 secs as it always happens once when going from PCM multichannel to dts/dolby etc pass through, but with 5700XT it happens every ~30 secs. At the same time I see my receiver loses signal and then finds it again.

>Then if you disable pass-through, how long will sound disappear for, every 2-3 min ?

I cannot reproduce this already, but disabling pass-through helped a lot, obviously butchering sound quality

>Also, what is a "navite connection"? NOT a receiver, or ... ?

I don't know, maybe they want me to connect my projector directly to videocard so I can enjoy awesome projector's sound

Adept I

We always recommend using the native connection to the output devices also we cannot comment on the performance if the receiver was connected directly to graphics card

That's a pretty big quote, that seems to be somebody from AMD saying "our graphics cards do not officially support audio over HDMI", which is a baseline feature for gaming on a TV. I'm wondering if it's worth sending a link to this thread around a bunch of tech/gaming news sites. That has the potential to generate a headline like "AMD's Latest Graphics Cards Don't Support Gaming On A TV", which is probably bad enough press to make AMD take this issue seriously.


This was my exact reaction. So I wrote back:

So do you officially confirm that amd cards do not support connecting via AV receiver? Than this must be stated clearly on the product page!
My Nvidia card works perfectly with the same setup.

After that I got the second support quote.


I'm wondering if it's worth sending a link to this thread around a bunch of tech/gaming news sites.

Oh absolutely! Please do if you know any or where to send it. No offence to anyone, including myself, but all we're doin here is smashing our heads against the AMD-wall-of-tech-support and taking it up the tailpipe.


I wonder how this went unnoticed to all reviews I watched before buying the card. I have watched a lot before (YouTubers/gaming news outlets) and no one ever did mention this issue. It is weird to say the least, wonder if they would revise them now

Adept II

This is definitely a driver issue, because I have  an old gigabyte 580 with the exact same problems as everyone here with the 5700xt. Thank god I never went out and purchased the 5700xt. I'm just going out and buying nvida. (sucks cause my Samsung Qled supports freesync)

I posted above a few weeks ago with all of the troubleshooting presented in this thread and NOTHING has worked....

simply put AMD drivers cannot output DTSHD/Truema 5.1 or higher as well as 4k/60 4:4:4 over HDMI. It will just skip cutin/out freeze for a few seconds ect ect.

Adept I

Just solved my problem. Bought a RTX 2060 Super and now everything is running perfectly with same set. 

Sad because I've been using Radeon cards for more than 10 years, always been a fan. But now its over. My problem now is try to sell this RX 5700. Thank you AMD!

Adept I

Funny, I've been side stepping this issue by just using headphones with my PC and that's fine for my usage. Well, a recent update broke Mortal Kombat and rolling back to drivers 19.7.1 fixes that game.

Hilariously enough that driver also got rid of the dropout. It's clearly a driver issue as others have said and I really hope AMD fixes it soon. 


That is the very first driver released for this card and it does not fix the issue, although some users (including myself) have experienced fewer audio dropout issues with the driver version you mention.

For anyone else landing on this thread, users here have literally tried every driver version available at the time of writing and the issue is present on every single one of them. So don't waste your time, ideally if you still can, return your card for an RTX or if you cannot anymore file a complaint to AMD/your vendor.

Right, I never meant to give the impression that it fixes it, as I don't believe rolling back to old drivers is a fix for anything. Just that I haven't had the issue on it.

Poor choice of words I suppose on my part, sorry!

Adept II

Anyone have any luck with the new Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.12.1 update that came out today?


Well as omegasuprime said, 19.12.1 is out. 

What ever they mean with stutter they say it`s fixed!

Fixed Issues

  • Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products may experience stutter in some games at 1080p and low game settings.

I`ll test this later.


Well, I installed this driver. It did not contain a newer version of HDMI driver. Reboot. Set AMD HDMI Device as audio source. Started chrome, played Hawaii Fife-0 stream from amazon...25 sec, sound stops for 0,5-1 sec. nothing changed for me...



Sadly, I can only second this. Normally I just install the new driver on top of the old one. I'm lazy like that. But this time I tried doing it the right way and ..... nope.

Still audio cut-out about 0,5 sec long quite often. Like at least once every 2-3 seconds.

Sometimes, the audio dissappears completely and I'll have to re-focus the window doing the playback in Windows to get the audio back. It's like the HDMI audio driver disables it completely for some reason.

But yeah .. No!  It is still broken. Whatever that 1080p stuttering fix is, I have no idea but it is not this. Still broken.

Dammit!!    One more piece of hope shattered.

@adieshibbyin  - Nope, no luck for me on that one. Still the very same issue, nothing at all changed.

Seriously though !! How the hell is this thread almost 10 pages long now and NO ONE at AMD takes notice?

Serious question, How?


Oh there we go.. page 10.

Journeyman III

I bought a MSI 5700XT mech on black friday and ran into the audio stuttering issue with my GPU being hooked up via HDMI to my AVR and Ive been playing around with stuff  and I finally stopped the issue this morning after selecting right clicking the speaker on the taskbar and selecting 7.1 channels in speaker setup.


Journeyman III

Have the same problem. With a 980ti the audio works fine. Please fix this AMD.

Adept II

Hey there,

My last post here, after the answer from MSI I send to my retailer I got my money back without any more effort. I advice to do the same with powercolor sapphire and so on and have a talk about it, link this forum entry + my video and you're good to go, if they`re fast on answering I should go smoothly till the end of the year. Also keep on open ticket with your retailer where they can put in notes to help keeping track of it. 

Have some nice festive days and best of luck!

Adept I

Engadget are soliciting user reviews here Are the Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT ideal GPUs for your gaming PC? | Engadget , I left one that I felt was appropriate:

These cards are not appropriate for anybody attempting to create a Living Room TV gaming rig. Per this thread on AMD's forum (, a large number of people have been reporting audio dropping out when carried over HDMI/DisplayPort to a TV or audio receiver. AMD support have responded that they "cannot comment on the performance" if using this setup - the standard and often only realistic setup for gaming on a TV. AMD are clearly stating that gaming on a TV is not a setup they are willing to support, and purchasing one of their graphics cards for such a setup is done at the users risk.

Hi everyone. I've just turned off Precision Boost Overdrive in the bios.

Stutterings gone and sound stops.

Asus B450I, Ryzen 3600, RX 5700 Media Player Home cinema using MAdvr.

Using latest adrenalin 19.12.1


Using 1'st gen Ryzen, so yeah… nope.. Not an option.


Are you over clocking the CPU or anything related to it ?

I've tested a few films using hdmi pass through DTS, Dolby, HD and standard nitrate to Denon AVR connected to lg TV etc and no more stuttering or sound drops out at all.

Can anyone else confirm this who has Ryzen 3000 series CPU ?


I have Ryzen 5 3600 and ı used Precision Boost Overdrive. And sound drops always when PCM mode. Tonight ı will test @daveydguk config which disables PBO on bios. By the way, ı am using Harman Kardon avr265 and sometimes Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio work fine but sometimes not I don't have any idea about the problem.


@seccadcaglayan - Will be interesting to hear your results back, however still just not an option for my 1'st gen Ryzen which has not PBO support and hence cannot disable it.

@daveydguk - Yeah I'm running a 24/7 3700 MHz clock on it. I will give stock settings a try at some point to see if it makes any difference. Though I cannot see how CPU clock has any effect on GPU and this HDMI audio drop issue.


I'm running ycbcr 4:4:4 at 8 bit on adrenalin display settings.

Resolution at 3840 X 2160.

HDR is working via MADVR. 

Upscaling and down scale set to dxva native.

HDR at 1080p native windows is washed out when playing 3840 X 2160 down sized to 1080p.

Before  I  made this change PCM had small blips and passthrough was popping the speakers and stuttering.

Hopefully it may give AMD a clue to stabilise the sound output. Maybe it wont. Just thought I'd share it in the hope it can be fixed for all you good people.


Surely the CPU is giving the GPU instructions as you can't run a PC with just a GPU. 

CPU is the central to all hardware on your PC. To loading and sending instructions to all peripherals. Maybe a timing issue with CPU to GPU where it's trying to boost and disconnects ?

I may be talking rollocks but I do know the media files I play don't suffer anymore. 

Not tried gaming though.

My mobo is on Agesa. Agesa may fix this with PBO ?

Agesa is latest. 

Journeyman III

The problem is very low idle frequency. Just try the GPU under load, sound issues will be gone

Adept I

I also have this issue. Audio cuts out for 1-5 seconds while playing DOA6 or playing a YouTube video.

Just built this rig yesterday.

TV: 2019 LG OLED C9

CPU: 3800X

GPU: RX 5700 XT Sapphire Pulse

Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming

32gb 3200mhz ram.

18gbps HDMI cable

DOA6 being played at 1080p 60fps... so its not a bandwidth issue.

My old rig with a Nvidia gtx 1060 had no audio issues on the same TV with the same HDMI cable.

Please AMD update your dam audio driver or test out this issue PLEASE!  I see posts about this all the way back in Aug... it ridiculous at this point.  I've tried latest recommended and optimized drivers at the time of this post.

I need to run stuff through HDMI 2.1 to get VRR with audio on the internal TV speakers.