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Journeyman III

Rx570 artifacts, crashes and bluescreens

Hi, I have a ROG Strix RX570 4Gb since December so it's still new, at the start I noticed some flashy artifacts when browsing web, later it started crashing is cs go menu, then it got worse and started crashing randomly even just by being on Reddit or watching YouTube, and playing games as well, the flashy screen artifacts normally are a square in the center or all the mid low screen, this week I started getting bluescreens while playing league of legends, the times it crashed it got small white squares everywhere in the screen, the sound still worked for 20 secs and then the PC just crashed at all, I've tried reinstalling drivers, tried older drivers, the stress test don't show any problem at all and it's not running hot, it just seems like random crashes, already tried underclock nothing changed 

 Setup: (I've built this PC last December)

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 stock 

Ram: 2x8Gb G.Skill Aegis 3000Mhz

PSU: NOX Urano vx 650watt

Storage Crucial MX SSD 240gb + Seagate barracuda HDD 1TB mixed in storemi

MB Gigabyte ultradurable B450M S2H

Screen is 75Hz with AMD FreeSyn On

Any solution? I didn't really wanted to put it in warranty cuz Ryzen don't work without a gpu Support Forums 

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Adept I

Try using wattman and increasing your power limit and some votaleg increase (30mv) and see if that makes it stable, or you could lower your core and memory clocks under a couple hundred mhz. If it still isnt stable, youre gonna have to RMA it. Pretty much try underclocking. You could attempt to flash a new bios. 

I'm a bit noob in that, what is RMA? I already tried undurclocking the core around -50 the stock is 1244 and the memory I tried -200 the stock is 7000, using the ROG gpu teak tool that came with the card, didn't try to overclock it more than the pre definided max for this card by Asus that is 1254, if I increase the power limit it won't break the warranty? If I need to underclock it more the warranty covers it? I really don't want to lose significant performance, I'm fine with losing 10fps I think since my screen is just 75Hz 


RMA is when you use the warranty to get a replacement card.


yeah but im afraid they don't take it cuz it doesnt show any problem at first look at pass ecery stress test, only in normal usage it start showing these problems