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Journeyman III

RX480 suddenly overheating

My Radeon (TM) RX480 has suddenly begun overheating. Has been working fine for the past 6 months before recently starting to throw up issues.

1. At first there was some rattling with the fan, which I found was actually limiting the RPM. Fixed it with some lubricant. Tested it to make sure the RPM was back to normal. 

2. After the fans were fixed, I found that the GPUs still overheated whenever a game/software was loading. This went up to 90 degrees or higher, windows flags a warning, before the entire PC just shuts down. 

At rest the temperature of the GPU is 54 degrees - which is still pretty high, considering I am in the UK in January (ambient temperature is 18 degrees.)

Wondering if there's a way out there to figure out if:

1. Is this a matter of the heat transfer not working well, and a simple matter of applying the thermal paste?

2. Is it possible for the GPU itself to be faulty and drawing a larger amount of power than normal?

3. I've updated my drivers, and tried to mess around with the tuning settings on the AMD software - but am I missing a trick somewhere with the BIOS?



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