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Journeyman III
Journeyman III


First of all, sorry about my english, y try my best.

RX Vega 64 freesync activated, Monitor 144hz with Freesync activated. Windows 10,
fully updated, graphics always updated. i7 6700k x64 16gb ram, SSD hard drives.
BIOS flashed latest version. The screen freezes in black, I still listen to the game
and discord,after 10 seconds, it returns to the game, it even happens to me on the
desktop itself,firefox, watching videos this happens occasionally, but it
repeats every 10 min or 20 minutes. When I play for example the league of legends
the game I can put it without vsync and it goes to 200 fps in ultra, but as the fps
go down for example to 180 fps,I notice it visually,and I always have to activate
the vsync in all the games,even activating it,
there are occasionally dropfps what
I see visually.
Rainbow Six Siege, same as lol.
Frames that are noticed slightly are lost and it is quite annoying.
I have enough notions of computing, but I do not understand what happens,
i raised the voltage of the graph, to see if that is but remains the same.
I never overclock the graphs is the 4th graph that AMD buyed, and this cost me a lot,
last year. If I have the freesync activated on monitor and game, the game should not be
notarized the fps drops but it shows visually, and let's not talk when there are
many things on the screen. The temperature of the graph is traced and is correct.
I have desactivated: overlay on discord, overlay amd wattson.
Dont have anyone overlay.
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Adept I
Adept I


you see like its not the FPS that drop but the frametime or there are dropped frames? like there is an unnoticeable stutter that dont affect performance but visually. is that? i've seen it on League of Legends. I think its because of DX9.

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