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Journeyman III

RX 7900 XTX crash under load


so, just like a lot of you, i've got crashes over crashes every time the card is under heavy load (OCCT power test, benchmark, apex legend,....)


crashes seems to appear instantly (like 1st screen when charging on the map in apex legend , or right after pressing "start" when benchmarking).


my configuration:

R9 5900X

ASUS DTX X570 crosshair impact (bios updated)

32 gb of DDR4 gskill trident

corsair hx 1000i 

RX 7900 XTX ref card


i've tried :

-driver update from 22.12.2 to 23.1.1

-changing PSU (850 w gold corsair)

-2 power connectors on 2 different lanes on the PSU

-only 1 screen (244HZ with DP)

-undervolting the card


still crash every time.

start to regret my rx5700 liquid devil....


need help now ;( or should i RMA?


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Adept III

If you have an AMD Radeon RX 7900 Series graphics product, and the BSOD (error code: DPC_Watchdog_Violation) problem (caused by amdkmdag.sys)occurs for unknown reasons, you can refer to this article:

Try adjust refresh rates to 60Hz and turn off variable refresh rate feature, disabled AMD FressSync from Radeon Settings.

Notice: Connect 1 monitor only.

This ways maybe can solve your problem.


Hello uncyler. 

The only prob there is i dont have any bsod. Only black screen and instant reboot. Sound like a faulty PSU but ive already dismissed that theory by changing the psu.

Already try with 1 monitor. Also try to turn off freesync 



Adept II

Bummer. My first 7900xtx has ran great. I bought another one. And both just run like a top. Something (highly doubt its the card) has to be up. But, i dont have anything to help. Mine have just plug in and been great. 

7950x/7900xtx/seasonic 1000/asus rog strix x670e-e/ddr5 g skill 6000


did you check cpu temps ?

did you try with ram timings at "default" (no xmp , no docp etc)


Temp are good so far. Ive already got my GPU waterblock waiting to see if it's the card or something else before installing it. 


Xmp or default also crash 


pc should not crash even if gpu overheating/throttling , must clearly be something else

in my view , you should try to solve your crash problems before installing waterblock, or you may add potential problem causes

as you know even problematic vapor chambers didn't make gpus to crash , only throttling ... if your temps are ok , then there must be something else causing the problem in your pc parts

what you describe seem really like a power problem .. strange if you tryed with other psu and checked cables ... what kind of crash is it ? computer reboot ? computer shut down ? application crash only ? bsod ?

computer reboot yeah

Journeyman III

I used to have a similar problem where everytime i was running a game my pc would reboot but never when i was simply browsing the internet etc. My problem though was a bent pin on the motherboard but i have an intel 11700k with z590 motherboard so i have no idea if something similar can happen to amd CPU and motherboard.

My fix was to totally replace the motherboard cause the pin could never be fixed, but after changing a motherboard all is great for me. I hope that gives you some kind of hint to figure it out.

Journeyman III

i don't know if it's the problem but i've tried to recreate these crashed and it appear that it happens instantly when i start the occt power test on the gpu. freeze and reboot.

i'm pretty sure it's not my PSU because i've already try with 2 different PSU (quite new 1000i corsair and a old 850 corsair).

i've manage to identify that when the ram are set to DOCP and manual tunning it's a 100% chash. same thing happens when adrenaline is tunned a little bit (no OC but only some parameter changes)

all set at default, it seems to be "stable" at least i can run the occt power test.