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Journeyman III

RX 6900 XT

Hi, I bought the RX 6900XT it seems inferior to a 3060ti, as computational power sucks, it does 60MH / s as much as a 3060ti, the 3090 does 125MH / s double, if within two weeks AMD does nothing for the top of the range. I return to the seller and no longer buy AMD video cards.

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Re: RX 6900 XT

maybe you should inform yourself before buying instead of whinning after ... nothing that you couldn't learn before buying here 😉

Adept I

Re: RX 6900 XT

Do you mean for mining? 

For normal (games) use, this cards (i have 6800 xt) are very good and comparable to Nvidia withour RT.

Miners should study more and buy the right cards i'm sure  there are this kind of standings on the web so i agree with the previous post. 


Re: RX 6900 XT

Did you really come here to whine about the 6900 XT being less than optimal as a scam crypto "currency" mining card?

By all means, return the card, and let someone who plans to use it appropriately buy it.


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