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Adept I

RX 6800 XT Games crashing - Direct X issues?

I have troubles with my new build:


CPU: ryzen 3600 (while waiting for 5900x)

GPU: RX 6800 XT (xfx merc)

RAM: 16 GB 3600 MHz (8+8)

Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming Plus Wifi

PSU: EVGA 750 W Gold Modular


Issue: Games crashing.


Warzone crashing after few moments in game, or just being in menu. Error codes are AMD driver timeout, or Disk read error, or dev error 6860, also got a direct x error once.

Control crashing after few moments. Error code: memory could not be written.


Doom Eternal, stable, running at several hundred fps at nightmare 1080p.

Wolfenstein - New Order, stable, running fine.


So my theory is then that Direct X 12 and my new GPU aren't playing well together. Doom and Wolfenstein are Vulkan, and are running well.


I have updated BIOS, reinstalled Windows, updated windows to latest, reinstalled AMD Chipset drivers to latest, Installed the two latest versions of the AMD Gpu drivers.

I have also stess tested, GPU, VRAM, RAM, CPU with no bad results, other than one run of Uningine Direct X which crashed at 1080p extreme.


Anyone know any fixes for this?



Bios version: 3602

Windows: 20H2

GPU: 21.3.1, also tried the former version

No mans sky did also crash.


Lowered my RAM to 3200

Followed these instructions:

Drivers without Adrenaline software. Now I could play one game of warzone with great framerate. Game crashed in menu after game, with Dev. error 6068.

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hello , try lower ram to 3200 to see if it helps



That large mix of different errors points much more to a RAM issue than anything else.  Either you're running it too fast or it's defective, most likely.


Adept I

I fixed this by doing this:

You need to use DDU to make sure you have removed everything before doing this.

Journeyman III

Just my 2 cents...

for the past few months with my 6800xt I was having constant crashing in simple games such as WoW and DOTA2 all showing memory could not be read/written or DX errors regardless of which version was used, and was stumped trying every possible combination of drivers/settings and switching things in the BIOS with zero results. Almost upon giving up I realised that a new BIOS version had been released for my motherboard as of this month. Updating that solved everything.

TLDR; update BIOS, post results.