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Journeyman III

Re: RX 6800 frames dropping from 165 to 40

This literally started happening to me on COD Cold War, it was just in the beginning of matches then resolve itself, but now in the middle, GPU sclk drops to 550Mhrz, I alt-r real quick twice to access Radeon software then clock speed returns to 225hrz idk I think I’m done with radeon, next card will have to be nvidia I guess 

Adept III

Re: RX 6800 frames dropping from 165 to 40

Same for me, it's my first and last radeon. I had nvidia my entire life, hadn't had any performance issue since... always... 


Re: RX 6800 frames dropping from 165 to 40

I have the Gigabyte Windforce Gaming OC  RX 6800, basically a glorified reference card. I have zero issues, however, I do use a Corsair RMx750 PSU and it can make a difference during a GPU spike. However, I think most would benefit by using the 12.2.1 driver and going into the tuning area, use the "manual" setting to do the following: slide the minimum GPU clock to within 100Mhz of the maximum clock, turn off the zero RPM fan option, try it. I'll post my settings but they don't work for all. One said the settings didn't work for them out of a few that tried them. VRAM is one setting that most cards are best left stock or don't try over 2100. Undervolting the GPU is ok as well, like I did, but you'll want to slide the "power limit" to max for extra juice when the card calls for it. Fan curve can stay stock or aggressive as I did. My FPS is beyond awesome, temps stay under 77RX 6800 Settings.pngTimeSpy RX 6800 best 1_13_2021.pngc in the hardest of gaming. 49c idle but that's with the fans at minimum, with zero RPM on I was idling at 60c and quickly hitting 85c in games, stock settings. Notice how flat the frequency/voltage line stays. Stock it was all over the place and just "ok" in games.

Out of game the clock returns to whatever for 2D that makes it happy. So it's not running 2400Mhz just browsing for example.

"It worked before you broke it!"