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RX 6800 , AMDGPU-PRO , Kernel 5.10 / 5.11 , ubuntu 21.04

could you tell me when amdgpu-pro will support kernels 5.10 / 5.11 or, more precisely, ubuntu 21.04 ?


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no matter where you turn ,

it seems that there is no support whatsoever from AMD for its latest graphics cards.

ROCm support seems to be broken.

AMDGPU-PRO doesn't work with ubuntu 20.04.1 and ubuntu 20.04.2.

the only support provided is for RX500 and earlier and RX5000 (sometimes) .

The support of RX 6800/6800XT/6900XT, the flagship product of AMD, is not provided.

It's time for AMD to get its act together. Such a laisser aller in the support is simply not tolerable.

In general, when we release a product, we make sure that the cards and media are fully available, and not only are the cards confidential, but the media is not.

For your research, here are the links:

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unfortunately, my 6800 only works with kernel 5.10.
ubuntu 21.04 (can be with kernel 5.10) will not be considered as an LTS.
so, there will be no proprietary support from AMD.
neither for amdgpu , nor for OpenCl , and maybe no more for ROCm ....





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