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Journeyman III

RX 6600 xt Update 22.5.1 Fps Drop and Low fps

I am using msi rx 6600 xt Gaming x
Low Fps and Drops Have Been Seen In Some Games After The Last Update.
Games where I experience FPS drops Games like csgo and squad
Problem I'm Having in Csgo:
SteamNetworkingSockets lock held for 9.2ms. (Performance warning.) ServiceThread,PostConnectionStateUpdateForDiagnosticsUI
This is usually a symptom of a general performance problem such as thread starvation.
Drop and Fps drop in other games.
I installed the old driver 22.4.2 with DDU. All my problems were solved.

Windows 10 Home
ryzen 5 5600x
msi b550 a pro
16gb 3200 mhz ram
Msi rx 6600 xt Gaming x

4 Replies
Adept I

bro can u share me how to downgrade gpu driver to 22.4.2. I go the same problem on my rx 6600 xt graphic card

Journeyman III

Same problem here. 

Although I installed the previous drivers the problem is still there.

It is getting annoying, thinking of buying a new gpu only a few months after buying rx 6600 xt. 

Not AMD this time though.

Adept II

Same problem on 6600... I have downgrade by change 6500 xt to 6600 DDDDDDD. 22.6.1, 22.5.2 have bad fps in csgo


And may be i guest whats the problem.... My Mobo b350 have pci 3.0 but in gpuz my rx 6600 show ver. 1.1. So i start testing bios... I turned of resize bar and after reboot gpu z show 3.0!!! But after next reboot again 1.1. Then i turn on resize bar again in bios and again after reboot i see 3.0!!!! So it seems that trouble in resize bar and driver compability. So to use pcie 3.0 i should turn of or turn on resize bar in bios every time!!