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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

RX 590 FatBoy - GPU Usage Drop, low fps HELP Please !

Hi i need help, when i play gta online my fps is low and my gpu usage drop all the time from 0% to 100% and task manager shows that it does not use more than 50%

Now guys tell me please if this its tormal what its the problem 421.pngFGDFSDG.pngAD.pngFAS.pngUntitledasd.pngsa.pngUntitled.png

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Re: RX 590 FatBoy - GPU Usage Drop, low fps HELP Please !

Cool the CPU down. This isn't an Intel forum but that's a tad high. Other thoughts are the driver in use, try going back to the 20.8.3 using DDU in safe mode. Test that ADATA SU 800, I had one of those get funky and start reading real slow, wound up doing an RMA. Ok for a cheap drive in a pinch but not everyday use. Finally we get back to the CPU, man that system is old. In the end, you're trying to play a AAA title with some really mismatched hardware. 

"It worked before you broke it!"
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