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Journeyman III

RX 590 8GB Card Youtube green glitch fullscreen

I'm getting an issue with my RX 590 8GB Card. When using google chrome i think its just on chrome because this issue doesn't happen with another browser. But i never had this issue before until recent update so i do not know if its chrome update or a AMD update. When i go to watch video on youtube and click the fullscreen i get a green glitch? IN CHROME?

Here is a closer look with video!

Please help me fix this issue.

Things i have done. I have reinstalled the latest AMD software and drivers I'm on Software 20.8.2 still with issue

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You should turn off GPU hardware acceleration feature in Chrome settings. Since the problem may be caused by the driver, you should share detailed system information with AMD team with that... 

Adept I

I have the same problem my friend, You should turn off GPU hardware acceleration feature in Chrome settings


Turning off GPU acceleration in the browser will work around the issue. The issue is not the browser as this doesn't happen with Blue or Green Team graphics. 

Report the issue to AMD, this has been going on a long time now and they need to fix it. 

Journeyman III

Everybody thats saying to turn off GPU hardware acceleration... Your all wrong. First let me say Thanks for trying. But in this case it was my SSHD i had. I switched it to SSD and all was fine what wonders an SSD can do . So if your not on SSD i highly recommend to install your windows 10 on one now days there so cheap. I'm guess the speed of SSHD is just slow or its giving out. but my guess is its slow. it felt sluggish to me at times but i ran crystaldisk and it said it was good. So in my case it had to do with bad SSHD drive it was 1TB so i'm using it as gaming storage and the SSD for OS. and no more green crap and gpu acceleration ON.


I was already on a fast NVMe drive. I would imagine that most that have had this issue are already on SSD too. Glad you fixed you problem.