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Adept I

Rx 580 stuttering /lag issue 2021

I have a XFX RX 580 8gb GPU, not overclocked. Been playing Tarkov and American trucking sim, The hunter call of the wild. I get stutters or lag when someone full auto fires a gun in game or shoots near me not every time but enough to be annoying and cause me to die in game. it never did this before.  If I am turning left or right and someone then shoots while I am turning it stutters or lags for a split second noticeably.   I don't know if its AMD side or what but I suspect it is I uninstalled and reinstalled 21.6.1 version of Radeon and it still stutters or lags very now and then this was not happening before these newest updates I can't roll back due to factory resetting the card erased the previous drivers and software versions and AMD does not have them on the site anymore for some reason. so.....

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

7 corsair fans in total

CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x 

MB: Asus x570 plus 

32 gb ram

(2) m.2 2tb drives

(1) 4tb ssd 2.5in


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Adept I

I'd be interested in more general troubleshooting for this device, or a dedicated thread for this. 

I'm having trouble with this thing myself, ( and do not know where to start debugging.

I'm willing to do my homework, and re-install drivers (again) or do something else, but I do not know how to approach this. 


IDK seems this issues is a dead issue guess we're screwed?!?!?!?!