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Journeyman III

RX 580 stuttering in every game

Hi, today I made a new PC and after installing every driver/software, I started playing. During my gameplay I saw a lot of stuttering/blocking game for 1ms, but my fps were good, around 80-90 on High. I tried everything to solve this but nothing happened. My friends told me it was my ram, hdd or temps, but on msi afterburner all was very good. I think it's PSU's fault because when I bought it, the psu had only the 6+2 pin to connect into my gpu. Then I bought an adaptor from 2 molex to 8 pin to connect intro gpu. Can someone help me, thanks a lot!


My specs:

Ryzen 5 1600x 3.60ghz

patriot 1x8gb ram 3200mhz

mobo - msi b450m pro m2

rx 580 OC 4gb

1tb WD hdd

psu - mars gaming MPII650 650w (30$)

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Journeyman III

Re: RX 580 stuttering in every game

I forgot to mention that my hdd was like 100% usage on games like gta v, forza etc..