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Journeyman III

RX 580's performance is bad

Okay so, when i first got it, it's performance was pretty good and ya know, but it's become less reliable, being laggy or just stuttering in games, and it preforms horribly in some games, like gta 5 and minecraft, my old gtx 660 literally ran gta 5 and minecraft 2x better than my rx 580 does rn.


I have an aerocool integrator 500W and an i7 3770.

My rx 580 is a sapphire nitro+ rx 580 8gb.

I have the latest drivers and windows update aswell, the performance of my rx 580 is just kinda bad nowadays honestly.


How do i fix this?

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So other than a POS Power supply,whats your question?


Is english not your first language? my question is why is my performance bad and can i make it better.


Hi @felixrocket7835 

I feel you, I have a RX 480 and it's driver performance is sub-optimal 50% of the time in the sense that it requires something with the IPC of an i5 4670k to get decent performance, whereas an Nvidia can get away with a FX 8350 or Ryzen 5 1600.

I have reported a lot of low GPU utilization performance issues with the RX 480 over the years with minor success. For example, DirectX 9 Unreal Engine 3 games has had a major decrease in minimum frame-rate locations of up to 64% or more just after 17.7.1 when "Radeon Additional Settings" was removed from the 17.7.2 release. This is also shortly after the RX 580 was launched.

Were you able to test temperatures and clock-speeds when running your problematic games? (Additional note, english is also not my home language).

Kind regards


In problematic games the temp is normal i'm pretty sure (60 degrees to 70 degrees on average)

i have no idea why the performance is so bad since amd says my cpu doesnt bottleneck the rx 580 much.



That temperature seems good, but what about clock-speeds? If they are normal then I doubt the PSU is not giving enough power, although I think 500W is borderline enough, since you have to take things like a HDD, CD-ROM, etc into account.

Furthermore, since you stated the RX 580 was performing good at start, I do not believe the PSU to be at fault, although it would depend on if everything is running at their stock clock-speeds.

How are your CPU temperatures? Your processor will be fluctuating between 3.4Ghz and 3.9Ghz during gaming if it is running normal, but personally I have seen my older i7 870 stock cooler cooling much worse than even my FX 8350 and it's wraith cooler, so it might be worth checking the CPU temperatures.

Lastly, it would help checking how the load is scaling with MSI Afterburner when playing one of your games such as GTA V to see if it single-thread bottlenecks or actually overloads the GPU. Maybe if you can post a screenshot of real-time performance. That CPU is quite capable IMO, but it might be bottlenecked with the Radeon DirectX11 driver in GTA V for example.

Kind regards



Honestly not that knowledgeable when it comes to computer specifics in terms of CPUS and GPUS, but i think i know what you mean.

The clock speed seems to be around 3.6Ghz during gaming, i'm not sure how to check my CPU's temperature, it's not in task manager, or at least that i can see.

I'll get on the MSI afterburner thing tomorrow as it is quite late, i'll get back to you then.

Best regards.


IF your performance has dropped since you installed the card then you might begin systematically troubleshooting until you isolate the culprit.  Chances are its something simple like system file corruption or a damaged registry entry.

Have you tried using the AMD driver removal utility then clean installing the drivers?  If you are using hard drives do you keep them defragged?  Once upon a time I had a rx480 paired with a 4790k and it was a dog no matter what I did which is how I ended up with a gtx 1080.


Hi @hrpuffnstuff 

From what he said his RX 580 was doing good the initial duration of using it.

"Once upon a time I had a rx480 paired with a 4790k and it was a dog no matter what I did which is how I ended up with a gtx 1080." You see and the RX 480 is basically the same card as the RX 580 and I am also experiencing bad driver scaling in a lot of games which causes the GPU to be underutilized. Is that 4790k an i7? If so that thing should be no problem even for today's gaming.

The RX 480 is also massively underutilized on Windows 10 with the following CryEngine games in certain sections: Crysis 3, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts and also certain sections of Crysis 2.

It almost seems as if Windows 7 is the best operating System to be paired with the RX 480, since not a lot of games use DirectX12 properly.


That system has been retired hence my current 5950x/rx 6900 xt black setup.


Oh trust me ,English is my only language, That's why I noted the PSU you have.

People are always building good systems and then always cheap out on the most important part in a PC,The PSU.

Try a Quality PSU, Corsair, Seasonic, EVGA at least 750W.



But, my psu is literally the recommended amount of voltage, people say the rx 580 can even run on a 350w (which is proven)

I'm not gonna spend extra money for overkill, 750w is literally the thing for AN RTX 3090.

Adept III

clean the gpu ... reapply thermal paste.................


Hi @cyberloner 

Did you see the comment where he/she said the temps were between 60C-70C which is pretty good under load.

It would only help re-applying the thermal paste if the clock-speeds are unstable and the system locks up.

Journeyman III

Did you try updating or resetting your BIOS?