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Journeyman III

RX 580 running better at 1440p than at 1080p

TL;DR: Used Virtual Super Resolution to set Battle Field V to 1440p on my 1080p monitor and performance jumped up and my GPU usage was where I wanted it finally. What can I do to get my GPU to fully perform at 1080p so I can play Battle Field V on High or more with smooth FPS?

Hey all,

I've been looking all over the internet but can't find anything that relates to my issue exactly so I figured I'd ask here.

So I got an RX580 about a year ago and it's been serving me well, at least I thought. I honestly don't really play many demanding games... Mainly WoW and Rocket League so the card has been more than enough, though I have had some concerns in WoW but never really looked into it.

I just got BFV and I was really excited to finally put my card to the test. I started it and played around with some settings and settled on Medium preset and was hovering around 50 FPS in multiplayer. I thought this seemed a little low, though not unplayable or anything. I am playing at 1080p at this point on my 1080p 144hz FreeSync monitor.

I look at some YouTube videos and stuff and see people playing with an RX580 at Ultra, 1080p, 60+ FPS. So obviously I'm under-performing for some reason. I do some searching and see a suggestion here about using AMD's Virtual Super Resolution to set the game to 1440p and how this actually improves performance... and it did. I noticed my GPU usage jump from about 50% to 90% percent and the game just ran a lot smoother (though I was using Origin's in-game frame counter and I don't think it plays well with the VSR because it still said my FPS was in the 40s and 50s though it was definitely wrong because the game looked much better from a FPS perspective.

So that's some background and here's my concern: I want to play BFV at 1080p and just get the most amount of frames I can. Why is it performing better at the virtual 1440p than at the regular 1080p and is there a way to get that 90+% usage out of my GPU at 1080p so that I can play on high/ultra with smooth frames? I got the RX580 because I wanted to just knock out 1080p gaming no problem, but the performance is pretty bad at 1080p then pretty decent at the virtual 1440p. How do I fix this? Thanks for any suggestions!