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Journeyman III

RX 580 ridiculous Fan rpm readings

   Hello everyone, I've been having some serious issues with my Gigabyte Rx 580. The driver as soon as the fans are moving reads ridiculous measures of rpms, at the moment it is reading 700607 rpms. The funny thing is that GPU-z reads 0 rpm but a load of fan speed of 59%. It is reading this because I have tried to manually control the fan speed through wattman but to no avail. 

   Righ now the fans have only two speeds, either completly stopped and here the AMD driver reads a correct 0 rpm, or

turning but just very slowly, which is when the ridiculous fan speed readings occur.

This causes problems with overheating and shutting down, the card can get as hot as 90º and shutdown the computer while fps are constantly dropping, or the card will just thermal throttle and just barely work while heating up.

   Here's what I've already done to try to solve this issue:

- Updated the driver to the most recent one even though it was optional;

- Updated my motherboard bios;

- Uninstalled draphic drivers using DDU in safe mode, and then installed the drivers again;

- Did a fresh install of windows and the respective updates;

   Here's some readings while doing a stress test: RX 580 fan readings - Album on Imgur 

   All of this did nothing which makes me believe that there's just nothing I can do and the card has a hardware problem.

   Does someone know what more I can do? I have already opened up a support ticket at Gigabyte and am waiting for their response.

   By the way if it is of any importance... This card was sent to me by gigabyte after I had to RMA my R9 390, they didnt have any r9 390 to send to me so they sent a used rx 580... which appears to have been faulty all the time I've had it. I have only noticed the issue now because only now I've got around to play way more demanding games from the GPU like Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Best regards.