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Journeyman III

rx 580 problem with monitor

i bought brand new graphic card rx 580 i have problem when i connect pc monitor i have message HDMI no signal, my monitor is asus VP247HAE, monitor have HDMI and VGA (d-sub) connector, when i connect it with HDMI i see message HDMI no signal, i have 2xDP, 2xHDMI and DVI on my graphic card, when i connect my TV in second HDMI port in graphic card i see image, only i can see image on monitor when is TV and pc monitor connected in both HDMI in graphic card but only can see image when i set refresh rate to 30 hz interlaced but the image is shaking at 30 hz inteelaced and when change something different i dont have signal on pc monitor, pc monitor works on my previous low end graphic (r7 240) with HDMI cable 1920x1080 at 60 hz. In radeon software i see that my TV and pc monitor are cloned, can some one have solution how can i display image only on my PC monitor? 

i have latest driver version 20.2.2

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First check your PC Monitor's settings that is set correctly to run HDMI.

Second go to Windows Settings - Display and make sure your PC Monitor is the Main Display by putting a checkmark in the box next to "Make this my Main Display".

Third; After double checking your PC Monitor is the Main Display see if you can change it to the correct Resolution and Frequency.

Try changing using "Duplicate Monitor 1 & 2" or "Extend this Desktop to display" options. See which one makes your monitor to work correctly.

Does your PC Monitor work correctly if you have your TV physically disconnected from the GPU Card?


it is checked in monitor settings HDMI input, 

second, its already check make this my main display but for TV not for pc monitor, because i cant only see image on my monitor i must duplicate these displays to see image on monitor

no, only i can use pc monitor when is tv physically connected with HDMI and i can see image on pc monitor only if i put refresh rate at 30hz and image shaking at 30 hz, when i disconnect HDMI cable from tv my pc monitor goes black and i see message HDMI no signal...