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Journeyman III

RX-580 not working correctly after setting drivers. Why?

Hey everybody and sorry for my english - i'm from another language group. Here is the essence - after installing drivers (no matter first versions or last) i can't start any game or "heavy" application (like Photoshop or Autocad). I'm using Windows 7. Monitor going in dark, then i have notification that video driver stopped responding and was restored and wattman settings were set by default. If i do not catch moment and shut down my game with Task Manager, it will blinking, error will repeat over and over, system will reseting (with BSOD). I do not change WattMan settings, this notification is strange for me. There is the same situation in Windows 10. My RX580 is quite new, i bought it two months ago . This all started when i set new drivers from AMD resourse, before that i used soft from disk (now this disk is broken). I'm trying fix my issue all week, now i don't know what else can i do. I did:
1) Set all available driver versins, testing, cleaning, set again - no results. Early versions even more stable - no issues in OC mode

2) Tried another adaper (I have VGA-monitor), VGA-DVI adaper - no results, VGA-HDMI adaper - no results/ With VGA-cable connecting computer and TV - same situation (display just turned off like monitor in this situation)

3) Checked temperature - it is normal, 45C, in game - 60-70C, card is not "burning"

4) Installed Windows 10 - here is the same problem, but with Win 10 drivers (before getting AMD drivers) i can start game, it will be slow, but no problem on the main screen like with drivers. Does it mean that card is OK, this just something with display and driver interaction? 

5) Tried change some parameters. It's on attachment (i changed all, then get it back), sorry, i don't know how it will be on english, here is russian (sorry for that), but it is just switches. No resultsБезымянный.png

6) Tried Pixel Clock Patcher, no results

7) Crying and drinking coffe - no results))

8) Updating chipset driver, BIOS version too - no results

9) Testing with old card (radeon 5770) - all working good, but it is small weakly card, i can't use it even for working (Photoshop acting too slow)

10) Trying another VGA-cables (i have 3 of them) - no results

I really don't know what else can i do. More of that - i do not know why trouble arises. I afraid it is because i deleted once Vulkan Run Time Libraries because i thought it is some virus app BUT I CAN'T GET IT AGAIN, and setting new drivers does not helping

Again, sorry for my english, i know it is horrible. Help me, please

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