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Journeyman III

RX 580 crashes on stressful games

I bought my RX 580 10 months ago and for the most part its been fine, at least until it started crashing under stress constantly for the past few days. I've factory reset my computer, checked my hardware, checked my software, cleaned my P.C, updated driver multiple times, done a clean boot of my P.C, and have opened bios and turned off overclock; and even after all this, I still can't run some games. To be specific, games I can run at over 100fps consistently are fine to play, however game that cause more stress on the system, specifically the GPU, crash on startup. An example of this is Insurgency: Sandstorm and CoD:MW (which run under 100fps) both crashing on startup with both of my monitors flashing on and off and my sound becoming glitchy while games like titanfall 2, destiny 2, and R6S (which run over 100fps) are fine to play. Please help with this problem I've been having I've spent a lot of money on this P.C and don't want it all to go to waste.

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Journeyman III

PC Specs:

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x

GPU: Radeon RX580

Ram: DDR4 16 GB

Disk: Intel NVMe.2 SSD

PSU: 850w Gold