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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

rx 580 Consistent Lag spikes during gaminng.

I just got this graphics card and much like the title says I have consistent lag spikes on every game I've tested. It goes from 60 fps down to 40-20 on random intervals, given that it runs at 60 fps sometimes makes me think I'm doing something wrong, not sure what. Not sure if this has anything to do with it but, before I changed the PCI-E slot I checked the task manager to check if was any  correlation with the games' performance: The GPU usually at  100% would go down to 20% or even 1% during lag spikes, RAM and CPU mostly unaffected (I changed the PCI-E slot and it doesn't show it anymore on the task manager).

Also, I believe those lag spikes somehow affect my browsing (during gameplay).

I haven't tested many games (because I don't have many games), those I've tested I got the same results, the games are Black Desert 1080p 720p, Fortnite 1080p 720p, Dauntless 720p.

* Now tested Games on minimum settings, same result.

*Temperatures arround 60-80 seemingly not much of a problem.

*Now it's starting to go lag outside games, it's really weird.

*Resetted the pc, no apparent changes, tested one previous Driver (9.1)

CPU: Fx 8150

GPU: Asrock Rx 580

8GB Mem. 2000 Mhz (i think, that's what Wattman shows)

Motherboard: Asus m5a88 -v evo* Bios unchanged since the day I bought it (american megatrends 2012*).

PSU 700 Gigabyte

Display: Generic Tv via HDMI (i don't have anything else to test it on yet)

Driver: Radeon Software Version 18.9.3

Windows 10 something.

Edit: Added some "more" info

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