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Journeyman III

RX 580 8GB + r5 1600 low fps

Hi guys, nice to meet you all.
Sorry if there's some english mistakes, I'm still learning the language. 

I recently bought a RX 580GB + R5 1600 + A320MH + 8gb ddr4 + CX 500, like 5 days ago.
I saw a lot of benchmarks and tests on YouTube, and I liked a lot of the results, but it's not working the way i thought...
I'm having just 100 fps on League of Legends (max sets), and 120~180 fps on CS:GO (low sets, 1024x768). 

A friend of mine that uses R3 2200G + RX 570 4GB are having more FPS than me on LoL, with same settings on the game... (200fps+)

I'm using the latest AMD Adrenalin driver, 19.7.3 Optional. 

Can someone help me? 

Thanks for reading. 

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Are you using dual channel memory or just single channel (single stick of RAM)?  What is the speed of the memory?  1st gen Ryzen is very sensitive to memory frequency so if its running low you'll be getting lo FPS.

I'm using single channel memo, just a single stick. It's 2666 MHz.

I wasnt aware about that... Maybe the problem is really with the memory... 

In any case, im going to DDU the actual driver and install the stable version, to see if I can get any improvement.

Thanks for the answer! 


So a few things.  Make sure your memory has the XMP/DOCP profile enabled in the BIOS so it can run at its rated speed of 2666mhz, otherwise it will just default at a very low speed like 2133 with loose timings.  Also the fact that you're using single channel means you're losing memory bandwidth, hence losing performance. 

Other than that, it may be a software issue that's slowing down performance (like anti-virus scans running in the background whilst playing).