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Journeyman III

RX 580 8GB Crashing Since Recent Driver Update

Updated my driver about a month ago as it was 4 months out of date and since then my computer keeps crashing and uninstalling the driver. I've tried both the recommended and the optional driver updates and both do the exact same thing. 

Last night playing warzone it happened in 4 out of 6 games, the displays go blank and my GPU fans start running at 100% unless I reboot the computer, after rebooting the drivers have been uninstalled so I have to go back to the AMD website and download them again...anyone had this issue before and know what could be causing it? graphics are medium/low on warzone and not even using 50% of the VRAM as well.  

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Try even older WHLQ drivers. Check if you have a windows restore point to when your system was stable.

Good Luck

The Englishman

Unfortunately not, I foun a thread on the Nvidia gpu forums with a lot of others having the same problem and it may be a PSU issue. I have purchased a new PSU that arrived today and will be swapping it out tomorrow to see if it sorts out the issue. 

Journeyman III

Im Having the exact same issue. Crashing in mid game (fortnite, DBD, Lol) I've seen some visual glitches also. Screen goes black, fans 100% speed. And i have to restart to found out then, that the drivers are uninstalled...

I'm gonna try and find some old drivers, if that works. I'll be back to keep you updated.

Good luck!