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RX 5700XT Gigabyte Gaming OC Frequencies

So..a few month ago i bought the mentioned card and since then the GPU is crashing every single day. I opened a discussion here and all the support from you guys was great but the issue still not fixed. I know that the drivers have a lot of problems and so on..but today i just checked something and i'm a little bit confused.

So the Base clock speed of the card is 1650 according to the specifications. I installed GPU Z and my default speed is 1835. Even the boost clock speed seems to be higher than the one from the GPU specifications.

What do you guys think?

I'm the stock guy and i'm kind of afraid to try to do the changes by myself.

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Adept II

We have same card.

From what I'm seeing from different forums, 5700xt cards when shipped out have higher than advertised default clocks.

gigabyte gaming oc has these on their website


my card on gpuz default


my card on amd software default


This confused me too. So I monitored my real time clocks when gaming.

When i'm gaming, game clock is more than 1795 (around 1800-1900). Boost goes to 1950-2030 and sometimes spike to 2084. I get artifacts and crashes on some games when playing long hours (max graphics settings). I get artifacts and crashes when benchmarking or pushing card to its limits.

So i tweaked clock and voltage down a bit. (Change the last column)



This config is stable for me. Only crash i get now is when playing MHW (Err12 and Dx12).