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Journeyman III

RX 5700 XT No Signal with freesync enabled.

I had this issue sincei i bought this card a few months ago with all the drivers i tried except for the November driver. Basically what happens is when i have freesync enabled the monitor just goes out and gives no signal (happens randomly in games and consistently when i open the windows settings tab). I have a freesync MSI monitor 1080p @ 144hz, rx 5700xt and an i5 9400f.

I really would love to use freesync so any help would be appreciated, currently using 20.3.1.

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Maybe try DDU in safe mode to uninstall your vid card drivers as leftovers from previous driver installations can sometimes make things wonky. I usually only change video drivers if I must to fix an issue. DDU can found here.

Be sure and  run it in safe mode as it will cause more issues if you do not.


I always install new drivers with DDU anyway and i had this issue with almost every AMD driver other than the November driver.

Adept I

have you tried lowering the monitors hz and trying freesync?

Journeyman III

PLZ use DP or monitor enable Adaptive Sync.

Journeyman III

I have my RX 5700 XT since late 2019. and never had any problem with it. Today I got a new 1080p 144Hz Freesync monitor AOC 24g2u (old monitor was also 1080p 144Hz but without FreeSync, and as i said no problems whatsoever). 

After setting up my new monitor with Freesync i startted having problems with monitor loseing signal when in game. I tried everything but no help. I was sure it was my new AOC monitors fault. I.'am curently at 20.4.2 drivers version

Then i realised that when Freesync is off problem disaperes, and that actual problem is when framerates of a game that i play are below stated monitors Freesync range (for AOC 24g2u is 48-144Hz, althou i got black screen at 51fps in Arma 3) no signal black screen aperes. I controlled the work of Freesync by commparing game FPS from MSI Afterburner and monitors FPS counter from monitor. When I'm in Freesync range everything is fine.

So my question is, who is to blame? Why cant my GPU and monitor just be out of sync, and not to turn off my monitor when FPS is out of Freesync range? 

Should I request RMA for my RX 5700XT?

Shoud i request RMA for my AOC 24g2u?

Or should i just be mad at AMD for having bad drivers, and wait for better ones?