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Journeyman III

Rx 5700 xt issues

So I recently bought a msi Rx 5700 xt from Newegg and before I made sure to uninstall my old drivers, when I hooked it up and tried to see if it would post, I just got a black screen on my monitors but the card was running. I had to take my HDMI cable and hook it up to my motherboard because it was the only way I could get my monitor to work. I went into device manager and my pc was using my integrated graphics instead of my new card. I updated windows, that didn’t work, my pc wouldn’t let me into bios after I reset it and now it won’t even post at all even with my old card. Could anyone try to help me understand what’s going wrong? Did I get a bad card? Is it a driver issue?

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Adept I

I am having the same issue if you check you beep code does it also say no GPU? check the beep code. On mine it is a RX6800 you could check my post if you figure it out please let me know!!!