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Journeyman III

RX 5700 XT freezing and crashing drivers version 19.10.1

Here we go

I just put this system together a month ago and from the start, I was running into an issue with the PC freezing and within 15-20 seconds restarting on its own. I have recorded several errors on the event viewer from drivers to thermal issues. yesterday I had the time so I reinstalled windows and left all the MOBO support programs uninstalled thinking it was a conflict and its almost worse at this point. It freezes on startup, in the event viewer, MS word, loading Battlefield V, sometimes it runs Battlefield V and freezes in-game, It also does the same thing in Stellaris as well. I was able to run Furmark without and issue for about 10 minutes then I shut that down.  I contacted ASUS because that's whose label I bought this graphics card under. They want me to send it back and in 3 weeks I will get word on if the issue can be fixed. So I am turning to you all for help. Here are the system specs. 

gigabyte b450 aorus pro wifi

Scandisk 1tb SATS SSD

Crucial 500gb M.2 SATA SSD

T-Force 16Gb DDR4 2666

AMD Ryzen 2 2700X

EVEA Supernova 650

I was able to open the dump file and below are the copied results. 

Side note I ran a memory diagnostic and the memory came back fine

I attached the last four crash dump files, they are listed by date and time in the file name after the last dump on 10/13 I shut off the system and walked away.

According to what I have been able to figure out it has to do with the Direct X kernel however I don't even know if Radeon uses direct X. This is my first Radeon card ever and so far I have a bad taste. 

Thanks for any help you all can give.  

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To find the source of the error in a newly system, hardwares should be tested individually with a different system. Identify which hardware is problematic with this way. Try the graphics card on a different system that you are sure is stable if possible. Or, a different graphics card with the same TDP should be installed in the new system. You should also test the PSU. Perform PSU test with OCCT for 10 minutes. In short, try to determine which hardware is problematic and look for your consumer rights with that hardware.

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We have an existing thread on this issue which you can use to leave your feedback and track status updates.