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Adept I

Re: RX 5700 XT bad perfomance in games

Disable Enhanced Sync (the drivers have a habit of enabling it)

Disable Discord Overlay (even if you're not in a Discord Chat., it can cause "issues")

Enable V-Sync in Game

A big issue with RDNA is the Adaptive Frequency., as well, unlike NVIDIA's GPU Boost Technology; which is always looking to hit as HIGH a Frequency as possible... this within RDNA instead is intended to SAVE POWER as much as possible. 

And while yes, it's lovely having a "220w" GPU typically running at "190w" even while hitting 2040MHz., the downside is that the Frequency will jump all over the dang place based on Utilisation; which is ALWAYS going to go up / down, especially with V-Sync Disable.

The result is having too much Frequency on Frames that don't need it, and not enough on Frames that do... so you end up with this constant Over / Under Compensation going on.

Manually Set the Frequency Curve, to instead basically be akin to the 4 P-States on GCN; well all of a sudden your card will maybe vary by 25MHz instead of 250MHz. This ends up smoothing out A LOT of performance issues; something that as noted, V-Sync will tend to also do.

Oh and as a note., this is also true for Ryzen... you NEVER want to be pushing them to their Frequency Limits if you want to have a Stable Frequency; which on CPU Bound Games (like APEX and Fortnite) are also going to cause issues.

Adept II

Re: RX 5700 XT bad perfomance in games

I didn't see what motherboard your using either, you may be bandwidth limited depending on chipset. I mentioned the cpu and the memory as they are the architect of the graphics, the gpu is the finishing contractor. 


Adept I

Re: RX 5700 XT bad perfomance in games

Motherboard is Asrock B450M PRO4, there is no any bandwith limit that could be causing freezes and stutters.

Adept III

Re: RX 5700 XT bad perfomance in games

@o1pwer wrote:

Ill definitely get a new Ryzen after i understand why i am getting stutters. They should not happen on my system at all, 1600 is not so powerful but its not single-core Celeron. Its never loaded on 100%. Also i dont understand how the new memory will fix the problem if i have already bought new 3000 mhz kit and it didnt fix anything at all. Oh btw i did reset my shader cache and it didnt help.

I think your 3000MHz RAM is just fine, 3000-3200 is the sweet spot for most Ryzen processors although Ryzen works best with either 3200 or 3600 RAM. Regardless, 3000 is just fine. 

I'd try adjusting the clock speed curves mentioned just above this post as that user explained that RDNA prefers to save power causing inconsistent clock speeds. You can also try setting the "Auto Overclock GPU" function and see what it does for you. 

And then again, I know the 1600 isn't a bad chip but gaming nowadays really requires at least 6 cores or more. I'd consider upgrading to a 3600x or even at 5600x given they're priced extremely well and I bet that's going to help tons.