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Journeyman III

RX 5700 Stops Functioning, AMD Radeon Software Does Not Boot Under Normal Circumstances

RX 5700 Shuts Off Once Starting Any GPU Intense Program.

AMD Software Settings Refuse To Start, After Multiple Reinstall Attempts it will boot on the initial installation, but then after fail and crash.

GPU Fan Will Run Until the Software Crashes, And Then After Trying to use MSI Afterburner as a Middle Ground for the time being, don't even get a read back from the GPU. 

Uninstalling drivers gives me the Basic Display Adapter as Windows then recognizes the card, and rolling back the Driver Updates for the GPU leaves me with the same end result. Plugging in another card and the system runs fine. 

Wiped SSD to get a clean state and still the same outcome.

BIOS is Up To Date, and CPU is too.

Tried DDU & CCleaner.

Windows is Responsive after the GPU and Software Fail.

I use Task Manager to then end task for the Intense program.

It's just odd to me that the software is failing and the GPU is shutting off, but the GPU works fine in any other system it's plugged into, and the current system runs fine with any GPU put into it. The only changes made to the cards stock settings was a change of fan curve.

Since I got the card there was an issue with cooling. And the software not wanting to start the fans properly under the auto feature. So my custom fan curve ran the card fine, no overheating and such, and still works on any other system. Every Component works. The GPU just doesn't for some reason and I am baffled as to why.

And no reply for my AMD Support Ticket nor Refund Since Either 1/13/2020.

Starting to think my only solution is to Buy a new GPU and wiping the SSD clean for a new start.