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RX 5700 (navi) - AMD Private HDR API is still not sending BT2020 after months of updates...

AMD Private HDR API is still not sending BT2020 after months of updates...what on earth are you doing with this series of cards AMD, you're completely destroying your repuation.
Up until now AMD cards have been the best choice for HTPC due to their 3D Support, native 23,976 support, stable drivers which rarely borke anything and decent price / vs performance.
Now with NAVI cards we've have months of problems which arent getting fixed, the AMD API is not sending BT2020 to the TV or monitor in movie players or games unless you enable the microsoft HDR api which superceeds it, this worjkaround works for some apps but not others however, surely all you need to do is look at the HDR implementation on the old gen cards and mirror it, this can be rocket science, unless you've broken something at a hardware level and you're covering it up....
Couple this with all the Gamer driver issues and you have a terrible product and people likely moving from Red to Green for their next purchase.
Why arent you all over this, its been literally months?
If you remove 3D support this will be the Nail in the coffin for all HTPC and movie users, think on that.
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