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Journeyman III

rx 5700 low performance and monitoring issues

AMD R7 3700x @3,8GHz + Noctua NH-U12S
DDR4 Trident Z RBG 32GB 3200MHz 14-14-14-34
PRIME Asus x470 Prime
250Gb Kingston 2280 M.2 Nvme + 1TB Crucial MX500 SSD
Seasonic 650w 80+ gold

AMD rx 5700

So built this system with old gtx 745 from my old pc because I had to wait for my GPU to arrive. Everything worked ok.
Then I got my rx 5700 and plugged it in. I downloaded drivers and im using AMD Adrealin 19.7.1.
I tried playing ow and wow and was not so happy about fps. Then I played GTA 5 and got barely 50 fps with max settings. This was way too low what I had seen from benchmarks.
After that I tried different settings but still low fps.
Then I decided realised that I had geforce experience so I uninstalled it and after that reinstalled my GPU drivers and AMD Adrealin.
Then I ran 3DMark timespy benchmark. Only got 4000 gpu score. Which is half what it should be.
Then I tried to check my clock speed. I tried different programs and even WattMan couldnt monitor my clock speed or temperature of my GPU.
I tried searching everything from google, but could find similar problem, until.
Someguy had problems monitoring his 5700 xt and fixed it by enabling VSR and GPU scaling.
Well I did the same and it worked, got 8100 score in timespy and WattMan was monitoring my clock speed and temperature. Well everything was going great until i opened GTA 5.
It crashed straight when my character appeared on screen. I decided to reboot my pc. It gave me the "windows stopped working :(", and rebooted itself.
Now I have the same problem that I cant monitor my GPU stats and it is not giving lower fps than it should. I really cant find any other help than asking it.

So I would be very happy if some one has the same problem or knows how to fix this. Thanks!

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Journeyman III

Now I have the same problem that I cant monitor my GPU stats (and it is not giving lower fps than it should). I really cant find any other help than asking it.

EDIT: *and it is giving lower fps than it should

Adept III

I've found that the new drivers 19.7.2 have fixed all my issues.

Wattman shows proper statistics all the time. Also works with Afterburner (I am using the newest beta).

I can overclock the RX 5700 XT no problem, its stable and fast.

Only thing is if it's enabled is to ensure Freesync is off as well as VSR.

Also if you have 19.7.1 installed, remove it using DDU then install 19.7.2 clean.


Hey, did you get it working what overlay are you using I’m using global wattman and on high setting on 1440p I’m getting 80fps on Bfv when everyone else performance is at 100+ on ultra 

ryzen 5 3600x 


g skill trident z 16gb Ram

asus tuff x570


Everything else like overwatch or apex legends seems to be fine it’s just on metro exodus and BFv where it seem to be getting really bad performance 

Journeyman III

I'm having similar issues with a new build... 3800X, 5700 XT... No monitoring software seems to be able to get stats from the GPU; not even Wattman. Also, the drivers are buggy as ever. I've probably gotten the BSOD ten times today when installing or setting up GPU drivers. What app can I use to get accurate temp reporting of my 5700 XT??


I’m having the same issues, how did you resolve this?


revthejedi‌ Sadly, I haven't resolved the problem yet. I still can't get temp stats on the card...