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Adept II

RX 5700 Constant BSOD + other issues

Since I put together my new build about a week ago, I have had nothing but problems.

My setup includes the reference Sapphire RX 5700, a R5 3600, and the Gigabyte Aorus X570 Elite.

My monitor is a LG 32QK500-W.

This is on a fresh installation of Windows 10 Home, with all available BIOS and Firmware updates installed.

First, with 19.7.5 I was running into consistent Video TDR Failure BSODs citing Atikmpag.sys, and the occasional Page Fault.

In addition to the crashes, WattMan has been completely unavailable, with all options and the graph being completely blank.

When I wasn't crashing, most of my browser use was completely unstable, with images, sound, and video consistently stalling and disappearing, and my Windows notifications being filled with "Firefox has been blocked from accessing the GPU".

I then discovered that disabling Enhanced Sync caused all video streams, whether YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc in 1080 or above causing the GPU video decoding to spike to 100%, dragging the entire system down to a crawl until lowered in quality or closed.

Update to 19.8.1 the other afternoon, along with yet another fresh installation of Windows 10, and in the short time before fiddling with some other settings, I encountered only 1 TDR Failure crash, when logging back in from sleep mode.

After some time, I read in the forums that LG monitor owners running at 75hz have been running into some issues matching mine, and so to see how it would affect me, I lowered to 60hz.

With that, I no longer run into TDR failures, or maxed video decoding with enhanced sync disabled. In addition, WattMan appears to be fully operable, and I have even been able to make use of the Auto (X) options with some improvement!
Unfortunately, I am now running into more, different BSODs.

The most common seems to be the Page Fault in Non Paged Area, with Kernel Security Failure following in consistency. There is also a third that has only happened twice, and I can't remember just what it was.

In-game performance tends to be fantastic at best, and at worst running at one fourth of what it should be for no apparent reason. Sometimes just rebooting seems to fix this issue temporarily.

I have run extensive 3DMark benches, and get wildly varying results each time.

TL;DR, are these Drivers just terrible, or is it time for a RMA?

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The issue described in the OP should be resolved by updating to the latest driver here > 

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