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Journeyman III

RX 5700 3rd monitor not displaying

Hi all,

I have been running 2 monitors on my RX 5700 with no problems, an LG 27" 4K off the display port, an LG 37" Ultrawide 4K off HDMI. I have added a third monitor which is an older Viewsonic 24" LED using a display port to HDMI adaptor but other than a few brief moments of showing the desktop I get a black screen, and then while connected the other 2 monitors flicker every few seconds and the mouse pointer jumps around. I disconnect the Viewsonic and the other 2 screens go back to normal.

The screen shows under Settings/ Display but I can't do anything with it. Any tips or tricks to try and identify the source of the problem would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy to ditch the Viewsonic for another LG if the monitor itself is likely to be the problem.

The system is Windows 10 64 on AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.59 GHz with 16 GB ram

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I have seen this complaint several times now from users when adding a 3rd monitor and 5700 series, but not seen anyone report back a solution.

I would talk to the support department of who made your card for help. They may be able to suggest what to do. 

You can contact AMD support at this link as well: