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Journeyman III

RX 570 wont output 4k to TV

I've just bought an RX570 and it won't let me select a resolution higher than 1920 to my 4k TV or 4k AV receiver over HDMI.

It all works perfectly with my old card (a GTX 750) and I am able to run 4k at 60Hz. I am using the same high-speed cables that work fine on my old card (and also work fine with my laptop).

I tried setting a custom resolution, but it says it is not supported by my display (even though it is).

Any ideas would be greatly welcome....


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Journeyman III

I've sorted it. I was using an HDMI to DVI cable (which worked with my nVidia card) connected into the RX570s DVI out. I've just used the HDMI output on the card instead with a different cable and it's working fine now.