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Journeyman III

Rx 570 OC & cfg70 27inch monitor

hello, I had Rx 570 o.c Asus expedition.

When playing everything is fine...

Metro 2033 180 fps 65°C 60-80 watt. Seems normal I dunno. High Settings. (BASE ON CTRL SHIFT O)

IDLE 35° C. 25-watt

Btw thanks for giving free games AMD Id love it.

On a desktop or when not playing sometimes. it flickers.. not so aggressive flickers but there is sometimes a flicker. It only happens when the clock is lower than 300 MHz. I don't know why is that.. its like 3/10 flickers will show.

You can see it on taskbar tho below it.. sometimes the whole screen. Others said I should switch to 120hz.. but that's not a fix. I still like 144 when playing.

I clean installed it. Before installing it on my motherboard. I use DDU GPU uninstaller thingy.. selected the 3rd option which cleans the drivers and shut down the pc. Everything is fresh.  I was playing at my vega 11 within 2 months before I bought a physical gpu.. because I'm so done with 60hz under 144hz monitor.. xD and free sync are not helping. When playing DOTA2. All games lock 60hz xD

I haven't touched the wattman or whatever it is.


Next problem is.

When you forgot to disable free sync on cfg70 before installing the new drivers.. it will cost Black Screen. If you forgot it.. you have to turn off free sync ln your cfg70 then turn off the free sync on adrenaline software. Then turn it on again.. your cfg70 then the software... Is that normal?.

Sorry, I'm new.. 


Next question

Anyone Had the same GPU as mine? 

What is the stable white led means?. I can't find it on the Asus manual. I read it on gigabyte that 

"Be alert when PCI-E voltage is unstable with the smart power LED indicator. 
- LED ON: power cable disconnected 
- LED OFF: stable power supply 
- Blinking LED: abnormal power supply "

But I'm not using gigabyte what I had is Asus. Then I was thinking after I read that.. kinda weird to see white led if it's disconnected. Or some electricity is still inside the GPU? after you turn off the pc that enough to power the led? And act as a drainer? XD.  I don't see any mention about led on their website 




My Desktop Specs are

Ryzen 5 2400G

2x4gb 2666mhz ram dual channel

MSI 450m Bazooka Plus


CFG70 27inch 144hz ( GIFT )

Corsair 650-watt PSU


new problem .. sometimes when I boot .. its black screen when free sync is on. I had to turn it off and on again.


sometimes when I start a game too I had a black screen like 2/10 it will be triggered when I enable FRTC on some other games profile that I manually put it.
I've seen a lot of black screen issues related to free sync on some Samsung monitors and they had fixed on next patched .. I hope mine too.