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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

RX 570 freezes pc

My RX 570 at random times freezes the pc which causes me to restart my computer, the audio still stays on. I have my displays plugged into my gtx 1660 ti and I know its an issue with the rx 570 because when I originally got the card it had the same issue.  I felt like using the 570 to mine crypto so I set it up in my and the issue with crashing has come back. I have seen other forums talk about a similar issue but there were no solutions. Also, I have the most up to date drivers within the GPU. Anyone know how to fix?

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Re: RX 570 freezes pc

Try using the 20.8.3 driver using DDU to uninstall the current driver. To be clear, you're not attempting tom run an AMD at the same time as an Nvidia? Like having both cards installed on the board a the same time. Because that would be a no go situation.

"It worked before you broke it!"
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