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Journeyman III

RX 570 Fans Run and Stop


I bought a RX 570 and my source has 2 6 + 2 cables, I was told I can use it normally.

I connected everything, and when I call, the 2 fans run and stop 2 seconds later, and do the same thing.

The image appears, I connect via HDMI and everything, but the resolution is low, I believe it is the driver, my source is a Raidmax 500W Cobra 80 Bronze Plus.

Is it the source or is it normal? The PC never shut down from scratch, does not crash, the HD, 100% functional CPU, the source feeds 4 Fans, but has 5 years this source.

I clean it whenever I can, but I'm on the receiving end, she handled a GTX 760 ZOTAC 12 pins very well, but I had to change.

mage of my cable.

Thanks if you can help me.images.jpg.dcb8f3c8e000901b0075bf1f72513af2.jpg