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Journeyman III

RX 570 doesn't consumes enough power

I have a RX 570, and trying to undervolt it, i did something wrong, and i have a awful problem now.
The graphic card never uses the enough power for the frecuency and the load it has. Example: when its at 100%, at 1244Mhz, playing call of duty cold war beta, it uses 40 - 70w. That makes the games go VERY slower. I know that, because when i can do it use more power somehow, the game has more fps. Also, in a couple of games, when i move the camera (mouse) it descreasses the fps, and the power use goes down from 67 to 40w. 
I tried EVERYTHING: changing the bios, reset factory default settings, uninstalling the drivers with DDU and installing it again, but nothing works. What can i do??? pls help

PC Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 3 1200
GPU: Asrock RX 570 Phantom Gaming D (stock frecuencies)
RAM: 16gb in dual channel 2400Mhz
PSU: Sentey 550w 80 plus white
Mother: Gigabyte AB350M
Storage: Seagate 240gb SSD + 2tb external hard drive

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